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Hi-ha-hilarious, rolling on the floor with laughter, not recovering from crying with laughter. At Comedy Shorts, comedies are in the spotlight!

In our current world, humor is much needed! Fortunately, Go Short Arnhem has selected five films with a variety of humor. From slapstick to uncomfortably relatable, from typical bollocks to pure absurdity. These films will bring you a laugh, make you think and above all give you pleasure.


Comedy Shorts - I'll Be Your Kettle

I’ll Be Your Kettle:

A woman desperately tries to keep up with her partner’s unusual desires

Comedy Shorts - Lord Protocol

Lord Protocol:

“Welcome to your first day among the fairy folk, where life is always filled with magic, fun and jokes. I’m supposed to do a dance but honestly, I’m not in the mood”. Once upon a time, there was Wanda and her beginnings as an employee in an amusement park.

Comedy Shorts - Apocalypse Dog

Apocalypse Dog:

In a post-apocalyptic universe, Bob and his dog Pasha survive in a wasteland. They are hungry, thirsty and tired. When suddenly, they see a city in the distance!

Comedy Shorts - The Diamond

The Diamond:

Stefan is lonely with a blinding ambition to make friends. One day he stumbles upon a diamond in the woods. Unable to reach it, the solution presents itself in the form of an even smaller man.

Comedy Shorts - FAST


Jean is a “slow” man, he builds his life around his anxieties, and considers himself unsuited to life in society. He lives with Alex, who is a “fast” man. Passionate about aerodynamics and eurodance, Alex lives fast and asks himself as few questions as possible. One morning, he receives a fast friend, Lou, at their place, while Jean had also planned to receive a slow friend, Caroline.

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