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Go Short is constantly looking for new ways to enlarge the audience for short films. Besides the annual festival Go Short has other side projects, which vary form long term projects, like De Voorfilm, to single screenings that take place inside theatres or in the open air.

De Voorfilm
Program content: every month Go Short distributes a short film, with a maximum length of 6 minutes, to participating film houses. These film houses will screen the shorts for the whole month. The film houses can decide how many times they will screen the shorts. Each month we make sure that there’s a completely different short film . All films are spoken in English or subtitled in English.
The short films for this project must be submitted in DCP. Go Short takes care of the promotion and provides flyers, posters and publicity through social media.

Guido Hendrikx

Go Short and Guido Hendrikx produced a short film (6 minutes) for this project together. In 2015 Guido Hendrikx won the VEVAM Go Short Award for best Dutch short film. Besides this Guido won the Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary at IDFA with his film Stranger in Paradise.