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Go Short – the expert on short films

Go Short is constantly looking for new ways to enlarge the audience for short films. Besides the annual festival Go Short has other side projects, which vary from long term projects, like De Voorfilm, to single screenings that take place inside theaters or in the open air.

Do you work for a cultural organization, festival or cinema and are you interested in screening one of our programs? Contact us:

Voor Film

Every month, Go Short distributes a short film, with a maximum length of 6 minutes, to participating film cinemas: The Voor Film (translates to The Pre-Film). These cinemas screen the shorts for the entire month and can decide how many times they will screen them. Each month, we make sure that there’s a completely different short film. All films are in English or are supplied with English subtitles.

The short films for this project must be submitted in DCP. Go Short takes care of the promotion and provides flyers, posters and publicity through social media.

Short Film Day

During the shortest day of the year, on 21 December, we make sure that short film is at the center of attention. Together with EYE and NFF, Go Short presents Short Film Day. A large project that pays tribute to short films (inter)nationally.

Duration: +/- 80 minutes.

Oscar Nominated Shorts

Apart from the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood, the Academy Awards nominate the more obscure short films for an Oscar as well (in two categories: animation & fiction). Go Short distributes two programs: the oscar-nominated shorts for Best Fiction and for Best Animation.

Duration: +/- 90 minutes.

Available in: each year from February until June.

Programs & films on request

Are you thinking of programming a one-time event or seperate short films, for example theme-based? Contact us! We’re always open to give you a helping hand.

Film Education

Short film is particularly suitable for educational purposes. That’s why Go Short programs film for children and young adults very actively as well. A short film program can be used to highlight one central theme from multiple points of view, or to pay attention to multiple themes in a relatively short amount of time. It’s possible to arrange an introduction and a debriefing with us that offer context to the film program.

During the festival, Go Short has two programs for primary education and one for high schools with additional lesson material. The rest of the year, Go Short offers special educational programming and advice for film education.