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Edition #13

Go Short Online

Go Short Online, the first part of Go Short 2021, took place from 8 to 25 April. An event of no less than 2,5 weeks, full of beautiful films, Industry activities, VR films at home, the award show, and online party Club Short.

Go Short Live

In three special evening-long live streams we were connected with you! Together, we watched a number of films and in between, we had a conversation with makers and specialists. Each evening was dominated by one larger theme: the Dutch film, the making process behind the films, and the importance of human contact and others around us.

Film walk

Go Short and Architecture Centre Nijmegen present a unique Film Walk about the resilience of Nijmegen-West and the development of the Waalfront. The walk is available to everyone for free from July 16, all you need is a smartphone and headphones. You can start your walk at any time, individually or together.

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