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EN – How to Go Short #16
EN – How to Go Short #16

Having trouble choosing a film program from our extensive program? We understand! We are happy to help you find the film program (or several of course) for you. And we tell you how you can buy your tickets. 

Choosing is hard – In the series “Kiespijn,” Go Short’s ambassadors guide you on choosing a film program. Check them out below.


Are you still in doubt? Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select (a) filmblock(s)

Check below which situation suits you best and click through for more information:

Films in competition

  • Are you curious about the best short films in Europe? Then come to one of the film blocks of the European Competition. Here you will find films with different themes and subjects.
  • Or would you like to keep it a little closer to home? Then come to one of the film blocks of the Dutch Competition. We also show films with various themes. Expect the unexpected.
  • Are you crazy about music and movies? Come and admire the very best music videos on the big screen during the Eye Tunes film block of the Music Video Competition.
  • Curious about what the new filmmaker talent has in store? Then come to one of the film blocks in the New Arrivals Competition, or the Youth Competition.

Are you a night owl? Visit our Late Night program

  • Are you longing for an exciting evening? Come to our Erotic Shorts.
  • Do you like some craziness and animation? Come to Weird Animation.
  • Or an evening of horror? Then come to our Horror film block

In Focus:

  • Our Theme in Focus this year is: Heat Waves, an exploration of climate change, forest fires, melting ice caps, and warm summers. Through a series of film screenings and discussions, the consequences of global warming – from devastating forest fires to rising sea levels – will be examined. The program invites you to think about our relationship with nature and how we can work together towards a more sustainable future.
  • Our Filmmaker in Focus this year is Pilvi Takala, a Finnish filmmaker known for her provocative and performative artworks. Takala challenges social norms by placing herself in uncomfortable situations to explore the unwritten rules of our daily lives. For example, can you go to Disneyland dressed as Snow White? And what happens if you walk through the streets with a transparent bag full of money? Or how do employees of a large company react when you suddenly show up every day and take over a desk?Her work, which often takes place in public spaces and is recorded with hidden cameras, invites discussion about the structures that shape our behavior. An overview of her work will be presented during Go Short, and she will be present to provide explanations.Cheerful films
    • Are you a music fanatic? Then we have the perfect match for you: Cinema Concerts. This is a block of short films accompanied live by electronic music.
    • Would you like to have an evening of laughter? Then come to our Comedy Shorts

Visiting with the little ones?

  • You can see the best films for 5+ during Family Shorts 5+
  • You can see the best films for 9+ during Family Shorts 9+
  • Is your little one (2+) ready for his or her very first movie experience? During Go Short x LUX Mini this will be an unforgettable day, with adjusted volume and dimmed light.

Want to admire new and local talent?

  • Regional talent can be seen during Homegrown.
  • And during Go Ahead you will see the best films from students at Dutch film schools.
  • During Project Showcase you will see films by self-taught filmmakers, with small budgets, who go off the beaten path.
  • New Rootz is a social organization that trains young refugees with the help of special talent programs. The films of these young filmmakers will premiere during the New Rootz film block.

Favorites from the jury, our team and the audience

Over the weekend we will put a spotlight on all our favorites from the week. The result: film blocks to enjoy, from start to finish.

Always up to date on current issues?

The Current Issues film blocks zoom in on various current themes. These programs have been put together by special guest curators. They tell their story through a short film, bringing a new perspective. They are also present at the festival to provide their program with an in-depth conversation or original side programming in their own way. For example, Anne Schoemaker organizes a silent walk following her film block.


  • Do you think VR is cool? We have special VR film blocks, in which you can see the best VR films in Studio LUX, in a closed group of people.
  • Do you like to go your own way? During Go Your Own Way you can choose between two cinemas every half hour and therefore between different short films.

Step 2: Get tickets

In addition to individual tickets, we also offer a Festival Pass, which allows you to enjoy the film blocks indefinitely. And do you have three film blocks in mind? Then the Shortcut is perfect for you! Here you will find all ticket information.

You can order individual tickets here by navigating to the desired film block and then clicking on ‘Order this ticket now’. Individual tickets can also be purchased at the LUX box office from April 3, for a surcharge of €1.50.

All done! See you soon at the festival.