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How to Go Short

More than 300 films in five festival days! Competitions, filmmakers in focus, Comedy Shorts and Late Night programs. Where to start? We’d love to help you choose and explain how you visit Go Short.


We have already made the first choice, by bundling short films into screenings. Films are placed into screenings because they work well together, they strenghten each other or they create a contrast. A film is shorter than 30 minutes, so you will see a mix of genres and styles: animation, documentairy, art film and fiction.

A diverse and rich program

We did the first selection, but still there’s a lot to choose! Are you going to visit a competition screening with the best recent shorts, going to experience a 360 degrees VR-film or planning to visit Late Night programs? Whatever your choice may be, you will see films full of talent, great ideas and importance. Dive in and be amazed by unique stories in our varied program! See the full program here.

Let’s mingle

Go Short stands for connections. A lot of filmmakers and professionals are present during Go Short 2019. During the programs there are Q&A’s in which filmmakers tell us about their films, and for you a possibility to ask all your questions! Also at the festival we stimulate visitors and professionals to get in touch. In and around the festival pavilion there is always something happening and during the parties you can hit the dance floor!

Buy tickets for a screening or take a Shortcut!

You buy a ticket for a screening, just like a regular visit to the cinema. Planning to visit more screenings? Take a Shortcut and visit 3 programs of your choice for only €25!

Shortcut? How can I buy one?

Buy your Shortcut ticket online, and choose three programs of your choice. The Shortcut is connected to your account. Unfortunately you can’t connect more Shortcuts to your account. During the festival you can buy an offline Shortcut at the ticket desk. At the ticket desk you get three tickets for the programs of your choice in return. You can buy the ‘offline’ Shortcut as many times as you like!