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How we help filmmaking talent
How we help filmmaking talent

Go Short was founded to contribute to deepening and broadening short film culture. A crucial part of that is the makers. That’s why all year round, we give our all for these makers. The short film is the ideal form of expression for new filmmaking talent and a showcase for established makers.

To support and stimulate talented makers, we organize film meetings and events aimed at networking, talent development, intervision and knowledge exchange throughout the year. We share knowledge on the short film industry online through professional news and our socials. Go Short also distributes short film and composes film programs that are attainable in cinemas nationwide in the Netherlands, such as the Best Dutch Shorts.

What happens during the professionals program during the festival?

In April, Go Short organizes a chock-full program for film professionals. during event such as the speeddates, a city walk, and the farewell brunch. The peak of the professionals program is normally at the Friday and Saturday during the festival.

In 2024,the professionals program will take place on 3 until 7 April. we will focus on personal meetings and discussions on a smaller scale. With workshops, sessions with a coach, roundtable talks and speeddates, visitors of the professionals program can meet each other to share their own experiences and to learn from film experts.

Registration for the professionals program will open in January

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How does Go Short contribute to the development of film talent?

Starting filmmakers receive much attention in the programs of Go Short. For instance: the Student Competition puts the work of starting makers in the spotlight dyring screenings and Q&A’s with makers. The program Go Ahead offers second and third year film students a public space to showcase their film and receive feedback from representatives in the international short film industry.

The Dutch Short Film Preview is a closed screening. Dutch short films that haven’t premiered yet are presented here to international festival programmers and distributors. The Dutch Short Film Preview is an important instrument in stimulating Dutch film talent and bringing them in contact with the international short film industry. We also offer a broad variety of Dutch short films to accredited professionals via a video library. This way, they also have access to the film selection after the festival.