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Industry Day 2019

The Go Short Industry Day is a full-day program with talks, masterclasses, meetings and discussions on current issues in the short film industry. The Industry Day will take place on Friday 5 april. After the plenary start of the day, there is a variety of sessions that participants can choose from in the afternoon. During the lunch break a wide selection of industry professionals is available for short one-on-one meetings. The days ends with networking drinks in the pavilion. 

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The complete program, including a list with detailed information on all the speakers at the Go Short Industry Day can be downloaded as PDF file here.

Possibilities for Short Film Makers | 10.30-11.00 | LUX 7 

From developing a script to finding the right people to see the actual film: the process of making a film can be quite challenge. Luckily there are many platforms and organisations that can help you. The Go Short Industry Day kicks off with two presentations of initiatives that might just be the match for you and your future film projects.  

Presentations by: Julie Rousson of Euro Connection and Niv Fux of T-Port.

The Festival Circuit | 11.00-12.00 | LUX 7 

Film festivals play an important role in the life of a short film. But what can you do as a filmmaker to get screened at the right festivals? What happens after you submit your film? And what do they actually do with that submission fee? These are questions that will be answered by an international panel of programmers and festival directors. 

Panel members: Lisa Ogdie (Sundance Film Festival), Charlotte Corchete (Locarno Festival), Hilke Doering (International Short Film Festival Oberhausen) and Philip Ilson (London Short Film Festival). Moderator: Vladan Petkovic (Cineuropa)

Filmmaker Fail Story | 12.00-12.30 | LUX 7

From little mistakes to major disasters. Everybody fucks up from time to time. But the most valuable lessons often come from the biggest fails. In the context of this year’s focus on Happiness, Go Short celebrates failure. We asked filmmakers to share the secrets of their most painful mistakes and what they’ve learned from them. We selected one of the best stories to be told by the filmmaker that had the magnificent experience of failing. Swiss filmmaker Jela Hasler will talk about what happened when she was making her graduation film.   

Professional Speeddates | 12.45-13.45 | Bibliotheek Mariënburg

Pull up a chair with one of these ten professionals of the (short) film industry. For a few minutes you can ask them anything you would like to know about the possibilities for your film. Meet our matchmakers in the library, they will hook you up with the professional(s) you would like to meet. 

Professionals: Andrea Schwemmer (interfilm Berlin), Ben Bekke Vandendaele (Radiator Sales), Emma O’Hare (Creative Europe Desk NL), Ivana Kvesic (Winterthur International Short Film Festival), Jeltje Hillen (CineCrowd / De Ontmoeting), Jenny Booms (NPO Fonds), Julie Rousson (Euro Connection / Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival), Mirjam Bal & Jolijn van Rees (Netherlands Film Fund), Niels Putman (NISI MASA / Short Film Conference / Leuven International Short Film Festival), Niv Fux (T-Port)

Producers meet Scriptwriters | 12.45-13.45 | Bibliotheek Mariënburg 

Go Short invites scriptwriters to meet a selection of some of the most productive and successful producers of short film in The Netherlands. Scriptwriters can schedule a meeting of maximum 10 minutes with any (or all!) of these five production companies: DPPLR, Halal, BIND, The Rogues and The Film Kitchen. In collaboration with LIRA foundation. For more information and application (Dutch only), click here.

Limitations as a tool for creativity: The LESS IS MORE experience | 14.00-15.00 | LUX 5 

How can limitations help the filmmaker/scriptwriter to create a cinema able to reach an audience?  And how important is the role of storytelling in the step from short films to feature films. Why LESS IS MORE?  

Presentation by: Miguel López Beraza (LIM)

Stay Sane – How to handle the pressure | 14.00-15.00 | LUX 7 | Dutch spoken

Many young filmmakers, much like all creative entrepreneurs, are dealing with burn-out problems and other stress related mental health issues. ‘The show must go on’, but how do you keep yourself going? In this interactive panel talk we discuss how to maintain a healthy relation with your work, what signs are indications of a harmful situation, and how to guard yourself psychologically.

With: Ate de Jong (director), Linnet Deen (director), Michelle van de Kuijt (@checkout_nl) and Ron Toekook (NBF). Moderated by Sterre de Jong (VERS). 

In collaboration with NBF and VERS. 

Polina Medvedeva: Artist Talk | 14.00-15.00 | LUX 2

On the basis of the works she made in the past two years, Polina Medvedeva will talk about the way she experiments with different forms of documentary storytelling. She lets her films interact with live performances and installations and she combines different formats in her projects, such as podcasts and workshops. She will explain in which way different platforms and possibilities of presentation can be put into action to create innovative ways of telling a story.

Masterclass Scriptwriting for Short Film by Selina Ukwuoma | 15.15-16.15 | LUX 7

What makes a good story for a short film? Selina Ukwuoma, freelance script consultant and screenwriting teacher at the NFTS, gives a masterclass on scriptwriting for short film. Using her experience consulting on, selecting, and judging short films to identify and unpack the common problems encountered, Selina explores what makes a good short film story and therefore how you might craft one. 

In collaboration with LIRA 

Making Music Videos | 15.15-16.15 | LUX 2 | Dutch spoken 

In line with the brand-new Music Video Competitions, Go Short is hosting a session on the music video industry. The chance for young filmmakers with an interest in making music videos and musicians to meet more experienced makers and people of music labels. They will address the structures at play in the Dutch world of making music videos.  

Panel members: Thessa Meijer (filmmaker), Wouter Stoter (director music video Kitty Kitty – De Staat), Bruno Rozet (owner and director Framez Productions) and Cedric Muyres (manager Kensington, Snowstar Records). Moderated by: Job de Wit.

First Impressions: Feedback Panel | 15.15-17.00 | LUX 5  

“Well begun is half done.” That applies to practically everything, but certainly also to short film. The first scene of your film should trigger the audience, it should raise questions, be intriguing and basically everything should be just right. We challenge filmmakers to test their opening scene at Go Short in front of a panel of experts. They will deliver direct live and uncensored feedback to every film opening that is shown to them. Bring your film on a USB-stick and take the stage, if you dare! 

Panel members: Christoffer Olofsson (Uppsala Short Film Festival), Emilia Mazik (Short Waves Festival), Mieneke Kramer (editor). Presentation by: Jing Haase (Swedish Film Institute)

In collaboration with DZIGA

Industry Day Drinks | 16.30-17.30 

Time for a drink! This is the moment to do some serious networking. So, catch up with fellow filmmakers or meet as many new people as you can. Discuss further what you’ve heard during the day or start new film plans together. 

Scriptcoaching Sessions  

For the second year in a row we are setting up a series of activities for Dutch scriptwriters to boost their writing skills and to further develop scripts they’re currently working on. As part of this, we offer young scriptwriters the possibility to get individual feedback on their most recent work by four professional scriptcoaches: Shariff Nasr, Moniek Kramer, Sytske Kok, and Chris Westendorp. Scriptwriters can apply for feedback in advance, after which they will be connected to one of the scriptcoaches. In a session of 45 minutes they will receive in-depth feedback and some tips and tricks to work with. For more information and application click here(Dutch only)  

In collaboration with LIRA