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Go Short 2020 Cancellation

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Today we have made the difficult, inevitable decision to cancel the 12th edition of Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, scheduled for 1-5 April.

Yesterday, the Dutch government announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which included a ban for all events exceeding 100 people until 31 March.

In order to proceed safely and responsibly, we cannot wait for new developments; we must act now. The health of our community is our first priority. We don’t consider it safe for our audiences, partners and employees to organise a public event in this global state of emergency.

After more than a year of preparations, the festival program was ready to go. A passionate festival staff of 30 people and more than 150 partners created a remarkable program of 327 short films, an international conference and meeting place for film talent, film professionals and audiences, a school program for 3,500 children and so much more. All is programmed and produced with so much love and energy. Go Short brings people together and creates a setting of discussion, debate and education. Our carefully shaped and detailed festival program takes place in an international context and agenda. Therefore, postponing the festival is not an option.

We love short films, film makers and the industry around it for their dynamic, innovative and creative power. We already see that even in these surreal moments, new ideas and forms of support rise. As of tomorrow, we will gather in a safe way and take action to be the platform for talent that we aim to be. We will contact everyone involved as soon as possible. In the meantime, please be careful and stay safe. Check our website and socials for the latest updates and other Go Short activities. We hope to see you at the 13th edition of Go Short which takes place from 14-18 April 2021.

* detailed information regarding ticket refunds will be provided next week.

Tickets, passes & order

What about the refund of tickets?

The tickets are refunded by now.

Do you have a Shortcut? Then you can use it for the 13th edition of Go Short, that takes place in April 2021. Do you have questions about the tickets? Please mail

If you would like to receive a refund for your shortcut, please mail to before the 5th of April.

> Subject mail: Shortcut retour

> Send us your name and mail of the account you bought your Shortcut with

> You receive a refund as soon as possible.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets from My Timetable or Program. During Go Short you can purchase tickets at LUX ticket office.

Can I get in everywhere with a festival pas?

You can visit all film programs and parties with a combination of pass and ticket. This means you still need to get a ticket for all the programs that you wish to visit. You can do this either online or at the LUX ticket office.

Films, screening rooms and the program

Are the films subtitled?

Yes, all films are either English spoken or English subtitled.

Can I get into all the screening rooms with my wheelchair?

No problem! All screening rooms are wheelchair accessible. We do need to reserve a wheelchair spot for you, so please let us know which screenings you would like to attend by calling +31 (0)24 – 3816859.

Is there an animation program or a documentary program?

In most programs all genres are mixed. This means animations; documentaries and fiction films can be found in one screening. We also have screenings with films of a specific theme or genre like Dutch Animation Classics, Documentary Favorites or Late Night: Horror Shorts.

Can I switch screening rooms during a program?

No,  tickets are only valid for that program, and switching rooms is not possible.

How long is a screening?

Because there are a lot films during a screening the length of a screening can vary. Also there are filmmakers present to answer questions during Q&A and to tell the audience more about their film. Because of this we cannot predict the exact length of a screening. Unless otherwise informed the screenings will be max 1 hour and 30 minutes, these are also the times given in the program overview.

If I’m a little late, am I still allowed in the screening room?

Report yourself to the usher if you are late. If the film hasn’t started yet, he or she can let you inside, otherwise the usher will let you in after the first film of the screening is done.

About Go Short

Are you guys part of LUX?

We are not a part of LUX but an independent organization. We work together with LUX and many other partners to organize the festival.


What does the organization do after the festival?

After the festival we go back to work and start on the next edition. During the whole year we receive new films from around Europe. We also visit other film festivals to scout potential films. In addition, we provide year-round education and school programs about film and filmmaking. Also we ensure that short films appear in movie houses throughout the Netherlands, this is thanks to our program De Voorfilm Moet Terug. In addition, we provide regular guest programs at other festivals and events.