Menu Spreakers Absaline Hehakaya & Sven Bresser
Spreakers Absaline Hehakaya & Sven Bresser
Spreakers Absaline Hehakaya & Sven Bresser

As a director, you probably have a good plan and a clear picture of the film you want to make. But before you can actually start making it, you have to convince a number of other parties of your vision. Think of a producer and crew but also funds. One way to do this is to write a powerful, unique and clear directorial vision. But what is the best way to express your vision? What does a good director’s vision have to meet and what should you not do?

Absaline Hehakaya - Gelderland Film Meeting

Absaline Hehakaya

Absaline Hehakaya is a programmer, philosopher, film programmer, and moderator. Absaline focuses on stimulating innovation in film in its full breadth and the (continued) development of new talent, the short film, and projects exploring the boundaries between film and other disciplines. She is involved in several schemes of Het Filmfonds, for example, Filmfonds Shorts, Cypher Cinema and Teledoc Campus. Before Absaline started at Het Filmfonds, she was active as Head of Cinema at De Balie in Amsterdam and as an advisor at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, in the field of film, festivals and visual arts.


Sven Bresser

Sven Bresser - Gelderland Film Meeting

Sven Bresser is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam and Brussels. His first short film, L’ÉTÉ ET TOUT LE RESTE, premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival, was selected at the Toronto International Film Festival, won a Gouden Kalf for Best Short Film and was broadcast by ARTE France. In the same year, his medium-length film FREE FIGHT was nominated for two Gouden Kalfs. He is currently developing his feature debut IS DIT NOG RIET DAT DAAR WUIFT.