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New Arrivals: Go Short Campus
New Arrivals: Go Short Campus

Since the very first edition of the festival, the Go Short Campus has been a meeting point for filmmakers who are about to make the leap from the academy to the professional world. Here you find an overview of the Campus program and masterclasses.

Wednesday 3 April 

Workshop | Festival & Distribution Strategies 

10:30-12:00 | Studio LUX | Kirsten Ruber & Wouter Jansen 

What is a good strategy to get your film out there? How do you get into festivals and what goes on in the mind of a programmer? How do you distribute? Kirsten and Wouter will share their expertise in this area and give you some insider’s tips on how you can find your way in the festival and distribution world.

Workshop | Pitching: Introduction & Practice 

13:00-18:30 | Studio LUX | Massimiliano Nardulli & Matthijs van der Veer 

Pitching and selling your ideas are two of the most important skills to have when it comes to filmmaking. Massimiliano Nardulli and Matthijs van der Veer will offer you a crash course on the good skills of pitching and getting your film financed. You will then have some time to prepare a pitch, after which we will all practice and give feedback to each other.

Thursday 4 April 

Masterclass | Co-producing

10:00-11:30 | LUX 2 | Edwina Liard 

In this masterclass Edwina Liard will answer all your questions regarding co-producing. What does it take to produce a short film? What do you have to keep in mind when you are trying to finance your idea? What does a director have to know about working with a production company? In short: What are the ins and outs regarding (international) co-production?

Masterclass | Guest in Focus – part 1

13:00-14:30 | LUX 2 | Jacqueline Lentzou 

Jacqueline Lentzou is one of two special guests in focus at Go Short 2019! During this masterclass, we will watch a selection of her films with her and she will share her know-how and experiences in the short film industry with us. We encourage Campus participants to take this opportunity to ask a lot of questions!

Masterclass | Commercial vs. Artistic Work

15:30-17:00 | LUX 2 | Nils Vleugels 

A big struggle for many short filmmakers is to make a living out of creative work. Often filmmakers get the opportunity to do commissioned projects. Clients pay good money, but artistic freedom in these projects is often limited. Writer and director Nils Vleugels will elaborate on this dilemma. What do you have to consider when making a commissioned film? How do you ensure to maintain your own personal style? Is there a commercial market for short films? He will use his own experience from ‘both worlds’ to address these issues and to answer your questions.

Friday 5 April: Go Short Industry Day 

The Go Short Industry Day is the day where film professionals come together to talk about new and emerging trends in the short film landscape. It is a full-day program with talks, masterclasses, meetings and discussions on current issues in the short film industry. After the plenary start of the day, there is a variety of sessions which participants can choose from during the afternoon. During the lunch break a wide selection of industry professionals is available for short one-on-one meetings. The days ends with network drinks in the pavilion. 

As a Go Short Campus participant, you will also attend this day and you will have the chance to talk with industry professionals in the one-on-one meetings and at the Industry Drinks. An excellent way to practice your networking skills and to meet new and inspiring film professionals! 

In the morning you will attend three panel talks: Possibilities for Short Filmmakers, The Festival Circuit and Filmmaking Fuck-Ups. After lunch, you can decide whether you join the professional one-on-one meetings or – if you are a Dutch scriptwriter – meet Dutch short film producers. In the afternoon, you can create your own program by choosing two of the parallel sessions.  

For a detailed description, check the Industry Day program here.

Saturday 6 April 

Masterclass | Guest in Focus – part 2

10:00-11:30 | LUX 2 | Bálint Kenyeres 

Bálint Kenyeres is one of two special guests in focus for this year’s Go Short! Many of his short films have won various awards and he has directed his first feature film. In this masterclass, Teun van Laake will do an extended interview with Bálint about the process of filmmaking.

Pitching Sessions 

14:30-15:00 | Library Mariënburg | Introducing the Producers

15:00-18:00 | Library Mariënburg | Two parallel Pitching Sessions 

You have been preparing for this moment over the last couple of days, and now it is finally here! In front of three industry professionals, you will get five minutes to pitch your film idea, after which you will receive a few minutes of feedback on your presentational skills and your film. The selection of panel members has been based upon their professional titles and experiences. They might just give you the tips you need to prepare your pitch for those important moments in the ‘outside world’. After your days at the Campus, you leave with a finely tuned pitch, ready to take over the industry! 

After introducing the panel members, the pitching session will split up in two parallel groups. If you want to share your idea to a panel member from the other group, don’t be scared to approach them afterwards!