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New Arrivals: Campus
New Arrivals: Campus

Since the very first edition of the festival, the Go Short Campus has been a meeting point for filmmakers who are about to make the leap from the academy to the professional world.

The New Arrivals – Go Short Campus brings emerging filmmakers and seasoned film professionals together. It offers a unique and intensive program to 20 young film professionals from all over Europe and the Middle East. The campus focuses on giving hands-on knowledge about everything that becomes urgent as soon as students leave the academy. How do I pitch my (short) film? Where can I find an audience? How can I distribute my film? Questions that are hardly dealt with at the academy will now be foremost.

During the week the 20 participants will receive assignments and challenges, prompting them to mingle with other festival guests and expand their network. You might very well be part of their learning experience!

New Arrivals: Campus participants

  • Paco Nicolas (ES)
  • Ekaterina Volkova (RU)
  • Thanasis Neofotistos (GR)
  • Matthias de Bondt (BE)
  • Kate Voet (BE)
  • Robin Petr√© (DN)
  • Yiannis Sykovaris (GR)
  • Bart Schrijver (NL)
  • Anastasiya Maksymchuk (UK)
  • Pedro Augusto Almeida (PT)
  • Anastasija Pirozenko (LT)
  • Charlotte Spronk (NL)
  • Hussen Ibraheem (LB)
  • Kejdi Demneri (AL)
  • Lidija Mojsovska (MK)
  • Petar Minov (BG)
  • Mirona Radu (RO)
  • Tal Kantor (IL)
  • Anjet Blind (NL)
  • Shahd Elmelik (NL)

Our special guests Jonas Odell (Sweden), and Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi (Italy/Iran), will offer master classes to the campus. Furthermore there will be workshops on different subjects, such as:

  • Workshops on distribution: platforms and do-it-yourself
  • Workshop on positioning and marketing of your film
  • Workshop on pitching your film idea to an audience or market
  • Panel talk with festival programmers
  • Round table sessions with producers

Also, the participants are asked to prepare and bring a film plan which they will be working on during the campus. Peer-to-peer and professional feedback will act as stepping stones towards their next short film.

When these campus students leave Nijmegen their portfolios will be filled with business plans, their address books with new contacts, and their suitcases with the tools of the trade.