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Filmprogram: Happiness

Filmprogram: Happiness

A Hopeful Journey to a Euphoric Disaster

‘As long as you’re happy’. Then it’s okay. But how do you become happy? The focus on happiness is big and sometimes seems to be obsessive. Everything is supposed to be fun, we should be the best version of ourselves and there is little space for failure. In the theme programme Happiness we are diving into different questions: how do you handle failure? Does the digital hunt for love create happiness? And what are the alternative ways towards happiness? We are trying to find an answer with funny, moving and striking movies.

Filmprogram 1 Love in Times of Tinder
The secret to happiness is love. And finding love is easy nowadays, we don’t even have to go outside to meet someone! Though physical distances can easily be bridged with modern dating apps, the emotional distance seems to have gotten bigger. But it’s a lonely feeling when you get the text ‘I enjoyed tonight, let’s stay in touch’, while you know the other is already swiping for the next shot of temporary love. Do we even dare to connect in times of tinder?

Filmprogram 2 People who Fail
The secret to happiness is failure. Failure is obviously an important part of learning and reaching whatever goal you figured out for yourself in life. But failure is also inevitable in about everything we do, so we better accept it if we want to be happy. Yeah, if we could only accept it.. If we could only accept an embarrassing fall on a crowded street. If we could only accept that we suck at love, freak out sometimes, and will never ever be successful. Someday we can laugh about our misery together.

Filmprogram 3 Spiritual Happinez
The secret to happiness is written down in those magazines like Happinez and Flow right? All you need to do is yoga, create balance in life, meditate, find some spiritual enlightenment and become a happy super being. Easy right? Just be happy, it’s easy. If you have any questions left, contact your local Guru.

Until the 15th of January you can buy an Early Bird-Shortcut ticket for three screenings for twenty euros. You can find more information here.