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Films that dazzle and amaze you

Films that dazzle and amaze you

Are you ready to mentally challenge yourself? Are you ready for a dose of absurdism? You are at the right place at Go Short! Crazy, bizarre and absurd films get a stage and the logic is completely thrown overboard. What were those filmmakers thinking? The wimpiest parts of the human brain are screened. Do you dare to watch these shorts?

In existential crisis

Does the film Apfelmus (Alexander Gratzer, 2019) offer the answer to restlessness? The answer to slow down the existential thoughts in your mind? The way to stop the philosophical issues racing through your head? We think it does. Apfelmus is an absurd, but funny animation film about existential conversations between polar bears and birds. The birds ask themselves what part they play in life and the polar bears imagine how life as a bird would be. The easy conversations between the animals are almost calming, but still really crazy to look at.

The film Apfelmus is screened in ‘ST.4 Just A Little Patience’.

For the real cynic

It might be the cold, the dark or just their nature, but the Norwegians have become experts on ‘cynical cinema’. Let a mockumentary confuse and entertain you and enjoy the sarcasm in it. Coldly stand-offish or efficiently inquisitive, these Norwegian shorts show our worst at its best. You’ll see in the program ‘Cynical Comedy from the North’.