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Films that embrace the beauty of diversity

Films that embrace the beauty of diversity

Beauty is changeable, subjective, imperfect and all around us. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty without expression is boring.” That is one thing that is certain, and that is why at this twelfth edition of the festival you will find films and programs that sparkle with beauty. Discover beautiful diversity in identity and love. Continue reading to get a taste of what you can see at Go Short.

Diversity in identity

One of the films screened is Purpleboy (2019) by filmmaker Alexandre Monteiro Siqueira. We see how Oscar is born underground in the garden of his parents. His gender is unknown, but almost everyone in his environment is involved. Young Oscar longs to be recognized as a boy, the question is whether he will also receive that recognition… Purpleboy is an abstract interpretation of a contemporary problem: who determines what your identity is? Is that not the person, in this case, Oscar, himself? It is painful for the viewer to see how during his adventure he is confronted with a society that prefers to put him in a box. A box that he never wanted. After all, aren’t we all beautiful? Regardless of how we identify.

Because there are many different identities, just like there are different kinds of love. That is why the film block ‘Late Night: All You Need Is (Queer) Love’ shows the beauty of these possibilities. Themes such as sexual preferences, kinks, identities, and interpretations of romance all come up. From kinky surprise parties to strap-on dildos, and from an ode to the body to creating your own bed partner without bones; During this program, you’ll be surprised by the diversity in expressions of love, identity, and sex. ‘Late Night: All You Need Is (Queer) Love’ is part of the Go Short Late Night program, in which nothing is crazy: from electro beats to crazy animations and from horror to love!

1. Purpleboy; and from the program ‘Late Night: All You Need Is (Queer) Love:¬† 2. Don’t, Kiss; 3. Fuck You; 4. GUO4; 5. While I’m Still Breathing; 6. Sparkling Candles; 7. Slug Life.

The film Purpleboy¬†is part of the program line ‘EU.9 What I Can’t Put Into Words’ and is screened on Saturday 4 April. ‘Late Night: All You Need Is (Queer) Love’ is also screened on Saturday 4 April.¬†