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Films that show the unexpected

Films that show the unexpected

Are you ready to mentally challenge yourself? Are you ready for a dose of absurdism? You are at the right place at Go Short! Crazy, bizar and absurd films get a stage and the logic is completely thrown overboard. What were those filmmakers thinking? The most wimpy parts of the human brain are screened. Do you dare watching these shorts?

Unexpected turns

Ominous music and agitated faces in the film Nimic (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2019) prepare you for the unrest that is coming. A professional cellist has an encounter with a stranger on the subway which has unexpected and far-reaching ramifications on his life. Nimic asks questions about identity, perception, relationships, and circulation. The work of the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, filmmaker of Nimic, was nominated for the Oscar Best International Feature Film.

Not the everyday situations

Life isn’t always turning out how it should be. Everyday situations are thrown away in the program ‘ST.3 A Strange Activity’, wiped off the map without mercy. How to deal with lakes without water, losing a loved one at sea, or rotting organs starting to live again? The scariest things happen where you can’t see them though: at night, outside your tent.

The film Nimic is part of ‘International Highlights’ and takes place at Saturday 4 April. The program ‘ST.3 A Strange Activity’ is screened on Friday 3 April.