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Films that will make you dream

Films that will make you dream

Beauty is changeable, subjective, imperfect and all around us. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty without expression is boring.” That is one thing that is certain, and that is why at this twelfth edition of the festival you will find films that sparkle with beauty. Discover beautiful diversity in identity and love. Continue reading to get a taste of what you can see at Go Short.

Dreamy journey through the meadows

Beauty is not only visible in humans, there is also a lot of beauty in nature. The film Erpe-Mere (2019)┬ámoves at a slow pace but surprises the viewer. The Belgian Noemi Osselaer takes you into the dream of a girl who falls asleep in the Flemish countryside. At first, it seems that she is dreaming about fantastic nature, but after a while, these beautiful landscapes turn into psychedelic and almost frightening images. The girl’s dream is bizarre and changes the first impression the viewer had of the calm countryside; grazing cows transform into ominous creatures.

The film Erpe-Mere is part of the student competition ‘ST.3 A Strange Activity’.

Erpe-Mere – still 03