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Films with unrestrained and intangible power

Films with unrestrained and intangible power

We are ambitious, we won’t quit and we keep going. No matter what it takes. We are fierce, determined and we are not giving up. This imprudent and fierce nature is found within ourselves but is also all around us. Wild climates, rising seas, and erupting volcanoes are happenings that humans have little control over, while we play an important role in it. These films and programs show human and natural powers.

We are immortal

This year, Short Trip (Cassandra Offenberg, 2020) will premiere at Go Short, a film about the feeling of immortality among a group of boys, one of whom has recently died. The film gives you a feeling of freedom, inner peace, and carelessness. The boys have the feeling of being intangible, on top of the world. This conviction is visualized by intense images filmed with a hand camera that flash by: young, unrestrained and not afraid of death. Yet the blow of grief and sorrow comes hard. A scooter accident has suddenly put an end to the innocence of the games they play and is the beginning of a realization that their inviolability is not a given.

The program ‘Norwegian Girl Gangs’ also sheds light on the feminine side of immortality with films about tough, daring and hilarious young women who won’t let themselves be fooled. They are coming-of-age films about curious, sharp and occasionally barbaric ways of discovering life. Do you prefer powerful, imaginative films that show what is going on? Then the program ‘All Work And No Play’, part of the Student Competition, is certainly for you. Strong ambitions, supreme concentration, love of the craft and pure boredom; this program is all about the work.

1. Short Trip; films from ‘Norwegian Girl Gangs’: 2. She-Pack; 3. Beast; 4. Children of Satan; films from ‘All Work And No Play: 5. All Movements Should Kill The Wind; 6. Still Working; 7. Mars, Oman; 8. Sun Dog