Menu In April, Go Short will put the spotlight on short film for the 16th time
In April, Go Short will put the spotlight on short film for the 16th time

In April, Go Short will put the spotlight on short film for the 16th time

Diverse program provides space for a world of stories 

Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen will burst into life again from April 3rd to 7th. In and around LUX and at various other locations in the city, the public can once again enjoy the best that short film has to offer. Film professionals from around the world visit Nijmegen to immerse themselves and the audience in the diversity this medium has to offer. Traditionally, Go Short kicks off with the costless film walk Off The Walls, where walls and objects transform into film screens after sunset. 

The program 

Currently, the selection committee is putting the final touches on the competitions, which form the heart of the festival. The selections for the Dutch, European, New Arrivals, and Music Video competition will be announced in the first week of March. 

With the focus program Heat Waves, Go Short explores the duality of increasingly warmer summers, ranging from wildfires in Portugal to endless days on the beach in Greece. 

Of course, there’s also the annually returning film blocks such as the Oscar and Comedy Shorts, and there are Late Night programs and children’s programs for various ages. The exact program and locations will soon appear on 

Guest: Pilvi Takala 

Is it allowed to go to Disneyland dressed as Snow White? Finnish director and performance artist Pilvi Takala elevates hidden camera to an art form. She records herself as she challenges the conventions of our everyday street scene: what happens when you walk through the streets with a transparent bag full of money? Or how do employees of a large company react when you suddenly show up every day and take over a desk? During Go Short, an overview of her work will be presented, and she will be there to provide explanations. 

Visiting the Waterkwartier 

Go Short finds it important to actively involve residents of Nijmegen in their activities. Therefore, each year, extra attention is paid to one of the neighbourhoods in Nijmegen. This year it is the Waterkwartier. In collaboration with the residents of the neighbourhood, a free program is compiled for the weekend of March 30 and 31. In addition, film activities are developed in collaboration with elderly from De Griffioen and volunteers from the community centre. On Friday evening, March 29, the film walk Off The Walls takes place. Here, short films are projected onto walls in the neighbourhood, framed by stories from local residents. People from outside the Waterkwartier are of course also warmly welcome. 

A world of stories 

Go Short hopes to create a climate in which short filmmakers can optimally develop their talents, meet each other, and tell their stories in dialogue with the audience. Short film can thus serve as a means to inform the audience, provide depth, and support them in forming a broad perspective in an increasingly complex world. To emphasize that each film tells its own story, this year’s festival campaign brings these stories to the forefront in all expressions. By using sentences that reflect the story of the film, Go Short hopes to make the audience curious about all those stories to which the festival offers a stage. From virtual reality to socially engaged documentaries, and from alienating animations to music videos; the festival provides space for everything under 30 minutes. 

Ticket sales for Go Short start on March 14 via