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Open Call: Work in Progress

Open Call: Work in Progress

Normally, Go Short only showcases projects that have been finished completely. This year, Go Short does things differently. Filmmakers are offered latitude to send in film projects that are still in development. Deadline for submitting is 26 January 2023.

At Go Short, we believe that audiovisual projects that don’t fit in the regular call for entries could and should have a place at film festivals. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by many other film festivals, which is why these projects often don’t find their way to other festivals. Due to a lack of infrastructure for projects that go outside of the box, these projects often struggle to find their way to festivals.

From development stage to rough-cut, Go Short is looking for work-in-progress projects. For example multi-screen films, XR projects, installations, episodical content, interactive online films, (narrative) video games or anything meant for outside the classical screening room. Subsequently, Go Short offers a pitching platform for producers and directors of these projects. We invite festival programmers to meet and learn about each other’s plans and ideas.

Our Head of Program Michel Rensen:

“Go Short has laid out years of deep interest in short films in all of its diversity, also outside the regular film houses, screening rooms and cinemas. With this call we want to drag in filmmakers earlier on to our festival to support them during their process and to promote their work for other festivals.”

Are you in the process of making such an audiovisual project? Send in your project by clicking the button down below:

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