Menu SAVE THE DATE: Preparations 15th anniversary Go Short in full swing
SAVE THE DATE: Preparations 15th anniversary Go Short in full swing

SAVE THE DATE: Preparations 15th anniversary Go Short in full swing

Put Go Short in your agenda, because we’re coming in hot: from 31 March until 10 April, the largest short film festival of The Netherlands is in full swing. This time, we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary with a sharp selection of this year’s most recent and best shorts from Europe in order to present the main theme For the bigger picture.

Apart from the short films, talented filmmakers and film professionals are invited from all over the world. The festival has been distinguishing itself for fifteen years by showing the versatility of film to the audience. The diversity in form, stories and makers do honor to recent, societal and important themes.

For the bigger picture

With the festival theme of this edition’s For the bigger picture, you’re offered an abundance of stories and perspectives. This diverse selection of shorts offer you a broad palette so that, as a visitor, you can escape reality and wander through a world of wonders.

During the festival, large, worldly themes are being addressed, but there is also place for much smaller, vulnerable subjects. The many ‘smaller’ stories, refreshing takes and points of view offer you the stories behind the stories.

Visual artist Kevin Osepa puts Dutch Caribbean on the map

Every year, Go Short puts a country or region up front in a so-called In Focus Program. This year, there is special attention for the Dutch Caribbean. Visual artist Kevin Osepa (1994) will assemble two film programs. He won a Gold Calf Award for Best Short Film for his film La Última Ascensión (2022). This film will also be included in the programming of Go Short.

One of his programs will be focused around the history of the islands. The other revolves around the Caribbean today and post-colonialism. With his two film programs, he hopes to provoke a discussion. “Conversations about the past, so we can collectively start working on a new future,” Kevin Osepa.

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Filmmaker in the spotlight: Charlie Shackleton

As usual, Go Short puts a talented filmmaker center of attention. This year’s filmmaker is Charlie Shackleton (1991) from the United Kingdom.

He acquired fame with his short, characteristic non-fiction films and takes us by the hand in his research on the most divergent subjects. From conspiracy theories to plagiarism in horror films, anything goes.

Go Short screens a part of his varied body of work. Among others, people come to enjoy an analogue film (of which there’s only one copy available worldwide), a VR-film which Charlie shall be attending to speak with the visitor one-on-one, a ten-hour long protest film, a TikTok film and a film essay that’s made exclusively for mobile phone.


A Spark of Hope

Up until 30 September 2022, film professionals and film fans from all over the world could send in their idea for a film program. Six talents, from Leeuwarden to Lagos, are now selected by Go Short to turn these ideas into real film programs.

What to expect? Think about a program about film documentation of the war in Ukraine, growing up with the internet as an additional parent, the meaning of masks in contemporary African culture or films about identity and transsexuality. This way, Go Short reserves a spot inside the selection for a more diverse programming.

Curators 2023

Ticket sale starts mid-March

The fifteenth edition of Go Short takes place between 31 March and 10 April in the screening rooms of LUX Nijmegen, the pavilion next to the terrace and many different hotspots all over town. The full program, precise locations and ticket sale will be accessible online in March 2023. Stay updated by regularly checking our socials and the Go Short website.