Menu Selection Gelders Kort Competition 2023 has been announced!
Selection Gelders Kort Competition 2023 has been announced!

Selection Gelders Kort Competition 2023 has been announced!

Go Short takes over the city of Arnhem again and presents film festival Go Short Arnhem in collaboration with Focus Filmtheater. This festival is all about regional talent and will show the best Gelderland has to offer in the field of short film from 8 to 10 September 2023.

In the Gelders Kort Competition, you will see the best films by Gelderland talents. The selection has already been made and the films below compete against each other for the Golden Deer, a jury prize worth € 1,000. Curious to know who is competing? Then check out the makers and films below!

Gelders Kort 1: We’re In This Together 

In this program, you will discover the power of connection. These films illustrate how we need each other (human and animal) in this society. In them, shared problems, from your own family to international solidarity, are central.

Voor jullie | Geertje Hadderingh

Diyar | Moayad Alhariry

Nola | Eva Krol

The Perfect Gentleman | Floor Wandel

Broken Wings | Sil van der Woerd, Jorik Dozy

Gelders Kort 2: Never Get Old

Delve into the world of “Never Get Old,” where films explore the layers of growing up and youthfulness, regardless of age. This selection takes you through the complex reality of being young, with all its ups and downs, offering a multifaceted look at this exciting stage of life and how it shapes us permanently.

Draag je verhaal: Adje van het Padje | Maaike Broos

Een Glimp van Geluk | Jor Broeder

Hi | Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani

Nudes | Kees-Jan Mulder

Gelders Kort 3: In The Real World (+ Award Ceremony)

Step inside raw reality with “In The Real World”. This film program takes a fearless look at the dark sides of our society and human existence. Expect no sugar-coating, but honest stories that show the complexity of life in all its facets. Following the program, awards will be presented for the best films from Gelderland!

Schaduwvolk | Gus Wickerhoff

Balcony Cacophony | Quentin Haberham

Stuwing | Juliette van Ardenne

Ich Fühl’ Deine Stille | Laura Heinig

Vertakking | Mika Joosten

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Go Short Arnhem is supported by Province of Gelderland, Municipality of Arnhem, Omroep Gelderland, and made possible by Focus Filmtheater, Rozet and Gelders DOEK.