Menu The 5 most awesome free shorts on the internet according to Go Short’s staff
The 5 most awesome free shorts on the internet according to Go Short’s staff

The 5 most awesome free shorts on the internet according to Go Short’s staff

Say, one of these days, you have some unexpected guests coming over. A lot of fun, but also a bit demanding. Last-minute, you have to arrange decorations, snacks, food, games and so on. They suggest to come and watch films at your place, but you don’t have time to compose your own film program.

But don’t worry, because that’s where Go Short comes in. The members from our team have made a selection of 5 short film tips you can watch during your film night FOR FREE! From animation to in-depth documentary and from music video to absurdism: nothing is unthinkable. Sit back, relax and treat your friends and/or family on a grand night of watching film.

Sascha (29), head of production

“My film tip is the film Hors Piste from Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert & Oscar Malet. In this comedic animation, two rescue workers try to save a skier who just had an accident. When their helicopter falls down a cliff, the film derails completely. The film is made for all ages without getting too boring or either too harsh.”

About Sascha

As Head of Production, Sascha there’s nothing Sascha can’t do. Catering, permit requests, ticket check-out or coordinating volunteers: you name it, she’s got it. And with that, she’s absolutely our backbone, our bed rock. She tells us she’s grown from someone who faked it ’till she’d make it into someone who simply makes it.

Her inner motivation is to make everybody happy and therefore, she’s the light of the party at many occassions for Go Short’s staff. She’s in her element when she can set up new relations with new partners.

Michel (29), head of program

“In his classic documentary Zoo (1962), Bert Haanstra shows off the magic of montage. Without any spoken words or voice over, the fast intercutting between the animals and visitors of Artis Zoo (Amsterdam) asks the question who is watching who. The similarity in behavior between the animals and humans breaks the barriers between the onlooking humans and the looked-at animals, mocking this traditional family activity. As in Haanstra’s Academy Award-winning short Glass (1958), the music for Zoo was composed by Pim Jacobs and plays a key role in the film. His ironic soundtrack emphasises the ridiculousness of human behavior.”

About Michel

Michel (he/they) is head of program at Go Short and is never not watching (short) films. Last year only, he already watched well over 1500 films. As head of program, he makes sure that the film program has a clear structure. He also draws up the planning and leads his team. Besides his fascination of the film Mamma Mia – which, according to him, he’s seen 40 times – he likes to spend his time playing guitar and reading books.

Yke (24), Head of professionals & relations

“I absolutely adore the song Stop This Flame by Celeste, and the music video by Leon Ward attached to the music is just as fantastic. The video contains dynamic shots, warm lens flares and happy people. My favorite part is the ending. The music has long stopped, but the big band in the video continues to play. Celeste joins in. She’s a bit shy and visibly too awkward to watch directly into the camera. Even though Leon Ward succeeded to make her connect with the viewer during the first part of the video, she does it in her own way in this part. Now, she’s in her element. And she blows you away with her voice.”

About Yke

Yke is coordinator professionals & relations. She works on organizing the professionals program during the festival, the activities that Go Short organizes for (inter)national filmmakers and other filmprofessionals, zowel tijdens het festival als jaarrond. Lastly, she is coordinator of the hospitality department during Go Short and she makes sure with her team that all professional guests have a fun and useful festival experience.

Bram (27), copywriter/MARCOM

“What does power to a person? Can anyone ever be satisfied once you start the rat race? The answer to that questions is a big, fat ‘no’ according to Felix Colgrave. In DOUBLE KING, we follow a funny character who collects as many crowns he can find. These crowns are only attained when he murders the current king. He goes on a killing spree an will do anything for more prestigious crowns. Even certain figures who seem to be overambitious, to say the least, he still goes on in his fight. It’s both funny and absurd, but also serious: it makes you think about how power can corrupt people. Films with a mix of humor and philosofy are always appealing to me and Colgrave knows how to satisfy my needs brilliantly when it comes to those themes.”

Over Bram

Bram is copywriter and handles the press at the marketing & communication department at Go Short. With his writing skills and versatile vocabulary he’s in a state of flow at Go Short through written language. Anything that needs words on paper, goes through him. The website, news letters, press releases, flyers, posters: you name it, he’s got it.

Besides writing, he enjoys making (and listening to) music in his spare time. He plays drums, guitar, bass and enjoys producing music as well.

Hedwig (27, she/her), freelancer

“In this short docu you meet a drag family from four generations in their dressing room in Brussels. The camera aimed at a reflection in the mirror, you see them put on their make up and drink – a little Dutch courage – before a night of performing. The four drag queens exchange their experiences on self acceptation, coming out and dark thoughts, full of conventions in a loving way. I’m impressed by the openness and volnurability of their one-on-one talks and affection for eachother. I’ve written down some of the life lessons I took from maman this film in my phone. In short: a special and warm film!”

About Hedwig

Hedwig is freelancer for Go Short. She does funding, policymaking and applications. She’s the first contact with partners and cooperations. On top of that, she’s initiator of LUX Mini and she’s also involved with the departments Communication and Program from time to time. With her intrinsic motivation for art & culture, she’s glad she can contribute to a healthy (short) film climate. She loves to write, to run marathons and spend time with her family & friends.

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