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This was Go Short 2022

This was Go Short 2022

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – and Go Short is no different. But what an indescribable pleasure it was to meet one another in and around the cinema! For 10 days straight, Go Short International Film Festival ruled the town of Nijmegen and LUX film theater was entirely dedicated to short films.

We would like to kindly thank everybody who came to the festival in Nijmegen. Also everyone who visited our Video-on-Demand Platform ‘Go Short Online’: thank you so much for being a part of the fourteenth edition of Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen.

And even though it’s a tragedy on itself that such a festive event must end, we’re blessed with the invention of photography, which means we still have a ton of pictures left for you to worship. We’re delighted to reflect back on the festival with you.

A Wall is A Screen

Together with the German collective A Wall is a Screen, Go Short organized a film event which where the environment of the city of Nijmegen were used as a film theater. Starting at the Grote Markt, more than 100 people strolled towards the Waalkade, with an occasional stop, amongst which the ruins of Valkhof. Eventually, 7 films were screened at these various occassional stops at different walls in town. The genres were as diverse as can be. A spectacular animation film, a hilarious comedy or a personal documentary: no film too strange for Go Short.

The Industry Day

After two years of lockdowns, mental health has become a big issue that’s often overshadowed by bigger events. this also impacted filmmakers. That’s why Go Short chose to pay attention to this health issue during the Industry Day at 8 April 2022. Filmmakers started their mornings off with a plenary session which was focused on failing and on how to deal with failure in a healthy way. Later in the afternoon, filmmakers were given the possibility to to speak with professionals and distributors during speeddates. The filmmakers who applied were also given the chance to pitch their film ideas to producers and other film professionals. What followed were interactive workshops with themes such as the NFT-industry and intimacy coordinators on filmsets. To conclude the day, everybody was invited for drinks at the festival pavilion outside the film theater.

Interviews at the Pavilion

During Go Short, many filmmakers were interviewed at the pavilion outside LUX, Nijmegen. These conversations added a deeper layer to the films shown in LUX by their makers. If you missed any of these interviews, don’t worry: they’re still available to watch online. Here, you can see all the interviews that were conducted at Go Short on one page.

De Go Short Awards

For a fourteenth time, Go Short handed out the Go Short Awards during live show at 9 April 2022. The awards are an important way for filmmakers to get selected for the Oscars, Bafta’s and the European Film Awards. The judges announced the winners in a jam-packed film theater in LUX, Netherlands.

Kent Chan won the Dutch Competition with his film Heat Waves. The French Audrey en Maxime Jean-Baptiste were awarded the Best European Documentary with their film Listen to the beat of our images. Lola Cambourieu and Yann Berlier won with their film Bachelorette Party, a World Premiere at Go Short, the award for Best Fiction. The award for Best European Animation went to Granny’s Sexual Life from Slovenian Urška Djukić and the French Emilie Pigeard. The Best European Student film was Soum from the French Alice Brygo, a film balancing between reality and fiction.

On top oof that, Handbook of Belarussian Pavel Mozhar was made a candidate for the European Film Awards. The award for Best Music Video went to Auf Wiedersehen from the band Mansfield.TYA, made by Nicolas Medy.

But the audience had a say too during the awards! Through QR-codes, shown after every film program, members of the audience could rate the films. This was also possible online via the Video-on-Demand platform. The winner of the Audience Award was the Dutch maker Ayla Çekin Satijn with her film Beş.

On Sunday 10 April, most of the winning films were screened in Lux and until 20 April, the winners – and many other magnificent shorts – were available on the Video-on-Demand platform of Go Short.

Farewell brunch

And then, most filmmakers returned to their home countries on Sunday 10 April – but not before they were offered a delicious brunch with the festival organizers and other filmmakers and filmprofessionals. Long tables were positioned in the Pavilion with on it warm bread, healthy salads and fresh fruit. During the meal, the filmmakers shared their experiences of Go Short. At the photo booth, they made some last polaroid photos to collect one last memory. After this feast, the festival team said goodbye to the filmmakers and wish them a bon voyage. Until next year!


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