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Tips for the fighters

Tips for the fighters

We want change! Are you a fighter and want to be heard? Take this shortcut and get inspired by the people fighting for a better world.

Nature Hitting Hard

With a focus on nature, you would expect a program on global warming and climate change. In this program, we focus on something that deserves equal attention, namely the injustice and inequality created by climate and environmental disasters. This program is part of the WE ARE NATURE program line.

EU.8 The End Of The World (As We Know It)

The world is constantly changing. Reason to zoom in on our lives in the maelstrom of our society. To what extent can we influence the world around us? In this program, we see people who try at least.

Human Rights Shorts

This year, the Netherlands is celebrating 75 years of freedom. In this program, compiled in collaboration with Movies that Matter, we approach the concept of freedom from different perspectives. We are brought back to the end of the war, the influence of war on children and what happens if the police are not so concerned with freedom. Above all, the program shows that we should not take freedom for granted. This program is part of the Current Issues program line.