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Tips for the rebels

Tips for the rebels

You are young and you want something! A special route for you and your friends with banging electro, cool music videos and just a lot of dope shit. Check here what you should not miss.

Eye Tunes: A Closer Look At Music Videos

FRI 3 APRIL / 20:45 / LUX 2
This year, Go Short gives music videos a prominent place in the program, namely with an international competition! You see the best clips in the most impressive way: in a dark cinema room with impressive images and fantastic sound.

Late Night: A Dj Saved My Life

FRI 3 APRIL / 23:00 / LUX 3
Let’s get the party started! A selection of films blasting from the speakers with electronic music, perfect for a Friday night. We explore illegal raves, meet electro freaks and learn the differences and similarities between a synthesizer and a food processor.

Het moet niet gekker worden

SAT 4 APRIL / 18:00 / LUX 6
Famke Louise is melting ice cream, Henry van Loon is a gnome and Frank Lammers is a cuckoo. It should not get any crazier. Still, it may get even more absurd! In this program, you see the most peculiar things. And in the middle of this visual spectacle, ID-Dance provides a great dance performance!