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We are exposing: De Bastei

We are exposing: De Bastei

Go Short loves short film, but that’s not all. Every year we are searching for interesting collaborations with different (local) parties. We are proud to work together with these three organisations: Oddstream, De Bastei and RUIS.

Because of this year’s Nature theme, we want you to experience this not only inside the cinemas but also in the outdoors! The attentive visitor will see the work of Marco Barotti in and around the pavilion. A five-minute walk brings you to De Bastei, a museum in which the river landscape is central. In art space RUIS, Willem de Haan is exposing his work which you can admire during Go Short. At both De Bastei and RUIS you can watch a nature-oriented short film as a bonus!

De Bastei

De Bastei is a museum in Nijmegen that focuses on the river landscape; how it was formed by natural forces and the way in which centuries of human habitation have further shaped it. Situated in a 16th-century bastion, De Bastei offers a unique experience of this interesting history. The combination of natural and cultural history provides us with a comprehensive story of the landscape, which helps us to better understand our surroundings. De Bastei invites its visitors into the multi-layered story of this landscape and challenges them to rethink and co-create their own future as well as that of their environment.


At De Bastei you can also watch the short film Sog (Jonatan Schwenk, 2017) as a bonus. View the trailer here:

By showing your printed film ticket at the Bastei ticketing office, you will receive a discount on your entry! (valid from 23 March – 12 April). The Bastei is open Monday-Sunday from 10.00-17.00. Adress: Waalkade 83-84, Nijmegen.