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We are exposing: RUIS

We are exposing: RUIS

Go Short loves short film, but that’s not all. Every year we are searching for interesting collaborations with different (local) parties. We are proud to work together with these three organisations: Oddstream, De Bastei and RUIS.

Because of this year’s Nature theme, we want you to experience this not only inside the cinemas but also in the outdoors! The attentive visitor will see the work of Marco Barotti in and around the pavilion. A five-minute walk brings you to De Bastei, a museum in which the river landscape is central. In art space RUIS, Willem de Haan is exposing his work which you can admire during Go Short. At both De Bastei and RUIS you can watch a nature-oriented short film as a bonus!

Willem de Haan @ RUIS

In a lot of his artworks, Willem de Haan tries to evoke a moment of absurdity, alienation and confusion. Those types of moments are exactly the ones that precede every good joke. Just like jokes, they create an expectation of a clarifying punch line, but within his works, this expectation will never be redeemed. De Haan wants his artworks to function as a tribute to the already confusing moments and situations in daily life. And a good tribute does not explain its subject, it just strengthens it.

By appropriating daily situations in an absurd manner, the subject of the artwork gets alienated from its usual context: it’s no longer the (everyday) object that wasn’t noticeable and it’s no longer a situation that could have taken place anywhere. That exact same object suddenly seems to be made just for the one place it exists.

Willem de Haan (1996) works and lives in Rotterdam. He graduated from BEAR at ArtEZ, Arnhem in 2017.


At RUIS you can also watch the short film Mountain (Grégoire Verbeke, 2018) as a bonus. View the trailer here:

RUIS is an art space for experimental, contemporary art based at the Hertogstraat 119 in Nijmegen. RUIS is open on Thursday-Sunday from 12.00-17.00.