Menu Go Short 2019: new competitions for Music Video and VR!
Go Short 2019: new competitions for Music Video and VR!

Go Short 2019: new competitions for Music Video and VR!

In 2019 Go Short will present two brand new crossover programs, aimed at VR films and music videos. Both are focussed at Dutch and international productions. New for Go Short is that the programs will become part of the film competition, the heart of the festival.

Since the first edition, Go Short has been exploring the edges of film. Experiment, innovation and research are part of the DNA of the festival. Music video and VR have been part of Go Short’s programs for a long time, and by making them part of the competition, the festival once again showcases the diversity of short film.

Wanted: The best video clips
Video clips are cooler, visually stronger and more beautiful than ever before. Video clips are strong and impressive pieces of art and are a true feast for the eye. Online platforms are full of them, but there are so many that we can’t see them all. Unfortunately the online world doesn’t always do justice to these cinematographic masterpieces. Therefore Go Short showcases these video clips in the best way possible: in a cinema, with overwhelming sound and imagery. Because video clips are now seen as a separate genre, Go Short believes it’s time for an annual overview of the best music videos in which artistic quality is the point of focus. This is why Go Short is looking for the most recent Dutch and International video clip productions.

Platform for the music video industry
The official selection – chosen in collaboration with Job de Wit (Music Journalist and presentor of Fullscreen) – qualifies for the Go Short Award for Best International Music Video or the Go Short Award for Best Dutch Music Video, awarded by an international jury panel. Go Short is also organising a program for professionals, and hopes to be an annual platform for the music video industry in the Netherlands.

Go Short VR Award
Go Short is taking the short film out of the cinema with the VR competition. The successful exhibition of VR films in a specially equipped VR Dome during the last edition will have a worthy sequel in next years VR Competition. The festival considers VR to be an important and equivalent type of film within the short film world. This unique competition in the Netherlands, which is exclusively aimed at 360º VR-films, goes well with the innovative personality of the festival. The winner will receive the Go Short VR Award.

For both competitions the deadline for submission is December 7, 2018.