Menu A focus on Croatia and its rich film history
A focus on Croatia and its rich film history

A focus on Croatia and its rich film history

Every year Go Short focuses on a country based on its best short films. This year we highlight Croatia with three different programs. Croatia also resonates in the rest of the festival; for example, Croatian film is represented in other film programs, and the talent of Croatia is also represented in multiple industry activities for professionals during Go Short Online.

A rich film history

The past and present of Croatian film is highlighted in three curated programs: The Grandmasters of Animation, Life Along the Mediterranean Coast and Strong Women from Croatia. The different strengths of the Croatian short film are highlighted in these programs.

Life Along the Mediterranean Coast 

Croatia is a land of contrasts, situated on the border of different cultural influences, geographically stuck between Europe, the Balkan and the Mediterranean, and in constant relation to the sea due to their long coast. In this program we look not only at the coastal beauty and warmth, but also at the reverse. Dreamy beaches contrast with rocky cliffs, and seem to be reflections of the warm Croatian people, marked by tourist crowds and other hardships.

Strong Women from Croatia 

When looking at Croatian short film one thing stuck out. Croatia is a country of strong woman. On the one hand we noticed woman who embraced their independence and freedom. On the other, woman that were met with misfortune and disappointment, but who still powered through and persevered. This program focuses on victory over opposition and the strength of women, may they inspire us all.

The Grandmasters of Animation 

The first Oscar for best animated short film that didn’t go to an American film, was awarded to the Croatian film Surogat by Vukotic, 1961. The Zagreb School of Animation, of which this film was a part, created a new current within animation film that still influences the films we see today. This new approach resulted in animations for adults, iconical for their cynical and relativistic style. The lurid animation Fisheye (Marušić, 1980) therefore also found a place in this program, and shows the brutal undertone of the Zagreb School. More recent short films from Croatia are also doing well on the festival circuit. Ivana Bošnjak and Chintis Lundgren, among others, screened their films at Go Short and many other international festivals and show that Croatian animation remains original and innovative. As such, Croatian animation history is filled with creative innovation and thematical evolution, and even today their films are internationally well-received by festivals and audiences. This program embraces the Croatian animation, from past to present.

More short films from Croatia

With your Go Short+ Access you have access to many more short films from Croatia; for example, in International Highlights – a selection of short films that have won awards at other festivals in the past year – you will find the short animation film Cockpera. But there is also plenty of Croatian film on This Is Short, a platform that you have access to with your Go Short pass between 1 April and 30 June. In the online competition New Point of View TESTFILM # 1 can be seen from 29 April, and the short film festival 25FPS from Zagreb has curated a program that can be seen for a week from 20 May.

You can find more information about the online program here.


On 9 April, the keynotes and roundtable talks of the program Solidarity: Generations will take place. During this session, documentary filmmaker Igor Bezinović (Croatia) talks about his vision on short film, possible career paths and experiences with switching from short films to feature films, but also from feature films to short films. This meeting will be held in English. You can participate with your Go Short+ Pro Access. With this Pro Access you also have access to information meetings about Croatia as a co-production country or film location for your next short film.

You find more information about our industry events here.

Our focus on Croatia is made possible by Croatian Audiovisual Centre.