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Call for VR x Music Video Competition

Call for VR x Music Video Competition

VR exhibition and Music Video Competition

Deadline: 1 January 2022

Go Short accepts international VR – films, interactive projects and music videos for the Music Video Competition for their yearly showcase*. More information can be found in the regulations.

Go Short continues to expand the short film experience on the festival by presenting the best XR and interactive works around. New technologies and developments in storytelling keep emerging over platforms and in other realities. They might stretch the concept of film, but the short format is definitely the standard. Go Short looks for creative audiovisual works. For example, using immersive XR-technology or interactive media to tell a unique story and challenge ideas. Submitted and scouted works will be considered for exhibition on the 14th edition of Go Short in April 2022.

VR - films

Music Videos

Video clips are cooler, visually stronger and more beautiful than ever before. Video clips are strong and impressive pieces of art and are a true feast for the eye. Online platforms are full of them, but there are so many that we can’t see them all.

Unfortunately, the online world doesn’t always do justice to these cinematographic masterpieces. Go Short showcases these video clips in the best way possible: in a cinema, with overwhelming sound and imagery, for instance. The video clips are now seen as a separate genre because Go Short gives an annual overview of the best music videos in which artistic quality is the point of focus. This is why Go Short is looking for the most recent Dutch and International video clip productions. More information can be found in the regulations.

* since last year’s mv competition was cancelled due to Covid-19, Go Short accepts music videos from the last two years (produced after 1 December 2019).