Menu Daily tips – April 14th
Daily tips – April 14th

Daily tips – April 14th

Here they are – the must see programs you can attend on this sunny saturday!

48 Hour Film Poject
How much time does it actually take to make a movie? Certainly more than two days! The filmmakers in The 48 Hour Film Project program took on the challenge to put together a complete film within 48 hours. From writing the script to editing and the finishing touches: making a full movie in such a short time is a tricky job! Are you curious what they made of it? The films will premiere today at 11:00 in LUX 6. Don’t miss it, there are still tickets for block B!

Go Short Awards
Like every year, the winners of the Go Short competitions will be announced during the award ceremony today! The juries have made their decision and will announce their choices tonight. The winners can go home with a considerable amount of money to continue their work, and of course eternal Go Short fame!

Late Night: When I Say Vagina
In our Late Night program today we have a very special program. In ten short films, the female body is rediscovered, sexual oppression, masturbation, social expectations, friendship and much more is discussed in When I Say Vagina … These very important subjects will be treated and explored with humor and lightness. Not only very educational, but also entertaining and funny! Come to this exciting program in LUX 1 at 22:00 and be ready to be surprised!