Menu Filmmakers Mirthe Dokter and Stijn van Gorkum win Gouden Hert Award
Filmmakers Mirthe Dokter and Stijn van Gorkum win Gouden Hert Award

Filmmakers Mirthe Dokter and Stijn van Gorkum win Gouden Hert Award

Slowly but steadily, the competing filmmakers and their entourages fill the room to attend the award show of the Gelders Kort Competition. With hearts racing, the filmmakers wait for the presentor to – hopefully – call their name on the podium.

Mirthe Dokter and Stijn van Gorkum will eventually walk out of Focus Filmtheater with the awards. They both win a Gouden Hert (translation: Golden Deer) for respectively their films The Leatherback (non-fiction) and A Howling Dog (fiction). With this they win € 1.000,- of prize money. The Special Mention goes to Eva Krol with her film Meer dan Woorden (More than Words).

Short Film Festival Go Short Arnhem is all about regional film talent. To stimulate (starting) makers, Go Short annually organizes the Gelders Kort Competitie (translation: Guelder Short Competition) together with Gelders DOEK. The winners were presented today by a jury, consisting of Jessica de Jaeger (former-director LAFF), Derk van den Berg (producer Berend Botje) en Klaas Arie Westland (initiator Gelders DOEK).

Mirthe Dokter, The Leatherback (Gouden Hert for best non-fiction) 

Dokter made a film about the biggest seaturtle in the world: the Leatherback, an endangered species. As part of her mission for wildlife preservation, Dokter travels to Ghana to document the everlasting fight of the local population that wish to help the seaturtles. The jury: 

“As judges, we want to stimulate this hero in order to help her find her own style. We see this as a development prize for a promising artist who flows between animation, documentary, fiction and play. The integrity and vulnerability of the maker pop off the screen. You get sucked into het mission and she makes you wonder as a viewer what YOU could do with this subject.” 

Westland also handed Dokter the Gelders DOEK Member Prize, because this film was judged as the very best of the fest. This means she’ll be a member of Gelders DOEK for a whole year. 

Stijn van Gorkum, A Howling Dog (Gouden Hert for best fiction) 

Van Gorkum’s film is an animation film about the way people lived during lockdown of the corona pandemic. He lets the viewer observe the people living next to each other as if it were a doll house. Westland en De Jaeger read the jury report on stage: 

“This atmospheric and absurdist graduation film is the work of a very young, promising maker. Van Gorkum takes you into his own animated world. He confuses you, he moves you. With a more than qualified cast, brilliant sound design and lighting, Van Gorkum intrigues you from the start. On top of that, the film shines a light on societal, relevant themes in a very creative, authentic way.” 

Eva Krol, Meer dan Woorden (Special Mention) 

How will you cope when a friend and dancing partner takes her own life? This living nightmare happened to the members of L.O.F. Dancecrew. Judge Westland: 

“Incredibly beautiful short film that hovers between documentary and fiction. The build-up and montage are phenomenal and the message hidden in the film – if you can’t speak, talk with your body – is a recommendation for all of us.” 

Go Short Arnhem is supported by Provincie Gelderland, Gemeente Arnhem, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Omroep Gelderland en Ondernemersfonds Arnhem. The festival is made possible by Focus Filmtheater, Rozet en Gelders DOEK.