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Films full of relentless natural powers

Films full of relentless natural powers

We are ambitious, we won’t quit and we keep going. No matter what it takes. We are fierce, determined and we are not giving up. This imprudent and fierce nature is found within ourselves but is also all around us. Wild climates, rising seas, and erupting volcanoes are happenings that humans have little control over, while we play an important role in it. These films and programs show human and natural powers.

Fearing the worst

The goosebumps on your arms can feel very familiar when you look at the short film Drive (2019) by the Argentinian filmmaker Pedro Casavecchia. Familiar, because it is alike the canonical thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. The animation film is a nerve-racking stop-motion about a dysfunctional family whose protagonist, the son, slowly but surely turns into a murderer. All typical aspects of a developing killer mind are shown: from the murder of innocent rabbits to the spying on his own mother sitting naked in front of the mirror. The special use of flickering images and typical horror sounds means that the film definitely belongs to the category “I’ll just look under my bed, just to be sure”. If you don’t mind some goosebumps, then Drive is the film for you.

The feeling of fear and tension that this film awakens in us can also be felt in the program ‘Nature Taking Over’ in which nature plays the leading role. Erupting volcanoes, strong winds, indispensable cold and the threat of tidal waves give a completely different perspective on the relationship between man and earth. Of course, people have an impact on nature: we are now more aware of this than ever. Yet this other perspective, of the tiny man in the mighty nature, is a relief.

1. Drive; and films from ‘Nature Taking Over’: 2. Antarctica; 3. Isole Di Fuoco; 4. The Flood is Coming; 5. Wind Along the Coast