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Filmtips for youngsters

Under the label Go Shorty! Youth we now also offer programs for young people. In three programs, each with its own theme, the relationship between man and nature (13+), major dilemmas (16+) and associated choices, and the journey (which is more important than the destination) (16+) are discussed. 

Mens en natuur [man and nature] (13+)

In this program we zoom in on how humans and (non-human) nature relate and interact: what are the consequences when uncontrollable forces take over our lives, why are we so prone to decorate our surroundings with artificial nature and what happens when we change roles?

Reis vs. bestemming [journey vs. destination] (16+)

You probably know the saying: the journey is more important than the destination. The films are the living proof of that. We see youngsters on a road trip having important conversations and doing the craziest stuff. And we see a father and son tightening their bond, because they are on their way.

Grote dilemma’s [major dilemmas] (16+)

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. The question is: what do you choose? On which side are you, do you dare to show yourself? An often times, the eventual choice you made does say more about the situation you are in then who you really are.