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Go Short craves social contact!

Go Short craves social contact!

One thing that is clear is that we long for contact! A big theme in films produced in the past year is the lack of social contact, the consequences of Covid-19 on your mood and loneliness. In various films on Go Short On-Demand, this subject is visible. We also focus on this theme in Go Short Live on 16 April, and of course we give all professionals the opportunity to meet other filmmakers and professionals in our virtual festival space.

Go Short Live 3: We miss you!
(Dutch only)

Do you miss the Go Short festival experience? Then take part in our interactive online live show!

The positive conclusion of this time is that it has once again become clear that we long for people around us. In this program we look at the importance of the other. Do you handle your problems better if you share them; even if it’s with an unknown audience through a film? Is digital contact such as chatting or video calling valuable, or does it make you feel lonely? And what influence do strangers around us have on our mood? From a flourishing society to a society in decline and from gossiping friends to a compliment from a stranger – everything is discussed in these films and after-talks!

During these interactive livestreams, you can switch between three different online areas. In LUX 7 you can watch surprising films from our competition and listen to in-depth conversations with filmmakers and guests. In our online festival bar we talk to guests who take a seat at the bar, we do fun challenges and we get a look behind the scenes. You can also join the Go Short Online Watch Party. Here you can have conversations with other festival visitors and ask all your questions to our host. So completely corona proof!

The host of this evening is Luuk Heezen, program maker. He will talk to filmmaker Jean Costa about his film Naughty Spot, among others.

The films that are part of the livestream:
> My Uncle Tudor, Olga Lucovnicova
This day won’t last, Mouaad El Salem
CorrespondenceDominga Sotomayor & Carla Simón
Naughty Spot, Jean Costa
MosaicImge Özbilge & Sine Özbilge
DustinNaïla Guiguet 

Tickets for the livestream are €6,50. You can buy one hereThe livestream will be held in Dutch!

Go Short On-Demand

From 8-25 April you can watch all the short films that Go Short has to offer. Go Short On-Demand is arranged in various carousels, in which films are bundled per theme. We would like to highlight two carousels that connect with the lack of social contact and loneliness.

Meeting New People

Meeting New People is a carousel with, among others, the Dutch premiere Agapé (Márk Beleznai): a film in which you can clearly feel the tension between the two protagonists. Also part of this carousel is the international premiere Naughty Spot (Jean Costa). Naughty Spot reflects on the online dating culture of the queer community in Corsica. In Go Short Live, Jean Costa is present to talk about his film, and you can visit the film page for a Q&A. This film is part of the student competition and stands a chance of winning the Encouragement Award worth € 1500.


A carousel about friendship, including the film MARLON BRANDO (Vincent Tilanus). This film tells the story of the queer teens Cas and Naomi and their relationship. MARLON BRANDO is also part of the Dutch competition and therefore has a chance to win the Go Short VEVAM Award worth € 5000.

Virtual festival space

Go Short created a virtual festival space for all our guests and professionals. In here you can find Industry events, as well as a weekly lunch and weekly drinks. The ideal chance to meet other filmmakers and professionals!

Visiting our virtual festival space is possible with a Go Short+ Pro Access, an Industry program ticket or a This Is Short industry ticket. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you can buy your access here.