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Go Short Highlights Friday

Go Short Highlights Friday

We passed the halfway point! On the Friday of Go Short 2018, we had a lot of sold-out screenings. For those of you who missed it, read the update below.

Cats vs Dogs
The battle was on. Based on ticket sales we couldn’t tell who the winner was, as both screening rooms were packed! Our faithful four-legged companions moved us and entertained us in several short films. There were documentaries, animated films en music videos. But the cats also managed to steal the hearts of our visitors. The large amount of YouTube videos were filled to the brim with our sweet, clumsy friends and left us crying from laughter.


Eva Weber
Eva Weber – short film maker and one of the main guest at this 10th edition of Go Short – got interviewed after the viewing of our Visual Poetry program yesterday. While enjoying a glass of Gin & Tonic, she gave tips on how to enter the film industry to young talents. Amongst other things, she told them about the importance of networking and being able to handle rejection.


Oscar Shorts Animation
During the evening our audience got the chance to see al of our Oscar nominated films in the category Animated Films. The selection was really diverse. From a fairy tale based on Roald Dahl’s work to a short film about a sportman’s lover for basketball. Now it’s up to the Oscar jury members to select the best film, but has the audience also managed to pick their favorite?


‘Friday the 13th’
Fans of the eerie were able to enjoy finish off this Friday the 13th at our film program of the same name. Apparently there were plenty of people who were in a spooky mood, because an overwhelming amount of people attended this screening. They got to enjoy seven different ghastly short films. We sure hope everyone managed to get some sleep last night, because there is still plenty more to do today!