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Go Short Highlights Saturday

Go Short Highlights Saturday

Once again, we had a full program at Go Short yesterday. Did you miss out or do you just feel like reminiscing on a great day? We’ve got you covered. Here are yesterday’s highlights!

Go Short Awards
Yesterday the winners of our several competitions were finally announced! The films that walked away with our awards were Coyote (Animation), Orogenesis (Art Film), Anthony, The Invisible One (Documentary), Strange Says the Angel (Fiction), Listen (Vevam Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film), Sog (Go Short Encouragement Award) and Wild Horses (Moviezone Award / Nijmegen Youth Award). During our award show, Word! and Juck [Thrust] got some honorable mentions as well.

The leading ladies of Juck [Thrust] were also present at our festival yesterday. During the afternoon they formed a human chain with our visitors as a statement for femininity, power, energy, protest, therapy, action, tolerance and movement.

Talkshow Pavilion: Noël Loozen & Vincent Tilanus
Yesterday the Dutch writer Jelko Arts hosted the Talkshow with filmmakers Noël Loozen and Vincent Tilanus in the Go Short pavilion. Noël tells us about his film Botanica that was screened this week; a film about the difficulties of marriage and sex, recorded in the cramped environment of a garden center. According to Noël, this space represents the biblical garden of Eden. Vincent spoke about his film Junkske, which was recorded completely in Groesbeek. Even the extras were ordinary residents of Groesbeek; very original! In June, Vincent wants to graduate with a film about student life in Amsterdam. Both directors were enthused by Go Short. The Go Short award, which Noël received, gave him a sense of recognition as a serious director.

Talent Day Campus Pitch Session
On this inspiring day a lot of young film talents pitched their short film to a panel consisting of film experts. Firstly, the panel was introduced to the nervous candidates. The last tips and tricks were mentioned and then the pitches could start! The ideas that emerged during this session were amazing, special and sometimes moving. From the love between a boy and his goldfish to a Lebanese coming-of-age film about revenge and abuse; all themes were discussed. Afterwards, the candidates received compliments and feedback from the panel members. What was particularly emphasized was the importance of doing thorough research, having as much experience as possible, aiming for the international and of course practice a lot!

Dziga Masterclass
In this master class, Paul van Ruven gave an interactive presentation followed by an inspiring interview with filmmakers Tim Smit and Nico van den Brink. Firstly, Paul gave the audience some filmmaking tips. Managing criticism, taking risks and believing in your work are the most important qualities of a successful filmmaker. The interview with Tim and Nico also gave interesting insights into the world of filmmakers who were able to take their art to Hollywood. Tim admits that making a film was more difficult than he thought, but despite this he achieved his big dream of making a sci-fi film. He likes to apply the knowledge he gained during the production of his film Kill Switch on new and exciting projects. Another film that reached Hollywood is Nico’s horror film. According to him, the process of making a film was very different than he expected. About the genre horror he says that it is not just special effects, but that most of the horror film consists of drama and tension between the main characters. Nevertheless, he sees Hollywood’s attention as a ‘bonus’ that can happen, but isn’t very common. Finally, they all agree that a good film should give off a special vibe, one that you immediately feel is magical.

Patrik’s Abracadabra + Interview
After watching three films by filmmaker Patrik Eklund, the audience was given the opportunity to attend an interview with him in which they could also ask questions. Patrik already started experimenting with film when he was eleven years old. He still finds the process of making a film fascinating. Focused on the public, he says that short film is an art form that should not be seen as a step towards a film career but as an art form in itself, after which the audience bursts into applause. Later he admits that you have to ‘go all in’ to be a good filmmaker. Patrik plans to make one film every year and gets his inspiration from everyday life. For the future, a TV series is planned, but making feature films is still the thing he loves most.