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Go Short: Late Night

Go Short: Late Night

Especially for the night owls there is a Late Night program this year. Watch 100 films in 100 minutes, prepare for sleepless nights, experience the power of women or immerse yourself in dark humor.

100 films in 100 minutes
Do you jump from pillar to post or are you always doing 100 things at once? Then 100 films in 100 minutes is perfect for you. 100 stories, 100 heroes, 100 plottwists, 100 surprises all for one ticket!

Click here for info and tickets for this rollercoaster.

Friday the 13th
For the real daredevils we made a special horror program. Because what’s better on friday the 13th than scary rooms, abandoned train stations and creepy children? We take you from jump scare to jump scare with some of the best horror films from the past years.

You can find tickets for this terrifying program here.

When I say vagina…
This is a screening exploring female body image, masturbation, sexual oppression, social expectations, empowerment, friendship and yes, talking vaginas. We talk lady bits, muffins, beavers, flowers, tacos, cooches, bearded clams, honeypots, pussies, love boxes, cherries and pink canoes. Discover the power of women in this importent and explicit program!

Find your tickets here.

KLIK: Weird, Out There and Over the Top Animation
If you’re into edgy, crude humor (think South Park) then this program is made for you! It’s full of old-fashioned thigh-slappery and belly laughs that make your funny bone tingle. Or make you scratch your head in puzzlement.

Info and tickets for this hilarious screening can be found here.