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Go Short opens VR Cinema

Go Short opens VR Cinema

During our tenth edition of Go Short, we will zoom in on Virtual Reality. We will be screening two progressive film programs in our sparkling white 360° VR Cinema, in front of LUX. There are two options: we have the First Look program, through which people can get acquainted with some renowned VR films in an accessible way. The World View program gives the more experienced viewer a look into the lives of people from all corners of the world. These programs can be viewed during the entire festival, but be sure to get your tickets on time since there is only a limited amount.

But these 360° films aren’t the only Virtual Reality experiences that Go Short offers. One of the other Virtual Reality experiences comes from Arthur Duindam. Arthur is an Interaction Design student at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem and he has designed a special installation for Go Short. His starting point was the question: How can visitors get introduced to Virtual Reality by using an interactive art installation? Arthur played around with the combination of traditional, one-dimensional film forms, 360° films and spherical images. You can set your eyes on the results of his research at Go Short.

A group of students from NHTV in Breda also examined the possibilities of Virtual Reality. They would like to invite you to participate in a social VR-experiment that they have developed. They would like to find out how people respond to intense situations and you can participate in their research. You can find NHTB in the MIR container on our festival ground.

On Thursday, the 12th of April, philosopher Marc Slors will speak about the authenticity of Virtual Reality at a special Radboud Reflects session. Will be still able to distinguish Virtual Reality from the real world in the future? According to cognition philosopher Marc Slors, we probably will. All our senses work together with our brain in an ingenious way to shape a complete image of our surroundings. Marc believes that this can’t be simulated in a virtual world. Listen to his lecture, undergo the VR-film Alteration and ponder the authenticity of Virtual Reality.