Menu Go Short x Kessler (live) during De Week van Drift
Go Short x Kessler (live) during De Week van Drift

Go Short x Kessler (live) during De Week van Drift

Before spring really breaks loose on the NYMA grounds, Drift and the Sinus Foundation will immerse you in the world of electronic music, club culture and the art that springs from it for a week. In The Week of Drift, you’ll hear one-of-a-kind live sets, interviews, check out tantalizing installations and much more. And…Go Short is on hand!

On Drift Thursday, we bring film and live music together. We take you into the wonderful world of La Persistente (2018), which introduces you to Ivan, who goes on a vengeful adventure on his motorcycle in the French Pyrenees. The soundtrack will be played live for you by British breakbeat phenomenon Kessler. The DJ and producer is right at home at The School, and has composed a hypnotic trip for you to accompany the film. Unique-experience-alert! In addition to La Persistente, you’ll see three more short films that Thursday night – read more to find out which films will be sreened.

Date: Thursday, June 8
Location: Hubert
Time: 8.15 p.m. (walk-in from 7.45 p.m.)

La Persistente – by Camille Lugan

A ski resort, somewhere in the French Pyrenees. Ivan only lives for his motorcycle – the sentient, loving, breathing La Persistente. When a local rival tears her away from him, Ivan’s obsession becomes to win her back…

RUBY – by Mariana Gaivão

Daughter of two worlds, the one that the English parents left behind and the Portuguese land of her upbringing that still calls her a foreigner, Ruby moves between the borders of both, without belonging to either. Her best friend, Millie, will be returning to England; the end of their childhood meets the end of a warm summer day.

Fest – by Nikita Diakur

Nikita Diakur is a Russian-born filmmaker based in Germany. His most distinguished project “Ugly” has won multiple awards at international film festivals. The signature technique used in his films is dynamic computer simulation, which embraces spontaneity, randomness and mistakes.

TECHNO, MAMA – by Saulius Baradinskas

Nikita loves to listen techno music and dreams of going to Berlin and visit the famous club Berghain. His mother Irena doesn’t know about his son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash.