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Our tips for 4 April!

Our tips for 4 April!

After the grand opening on Wednesday the program continues in full speed on Thursday! From today you will see the best shorts in our competition programs. But there is a lot more cool stuff to see and do! Read our tips below.

Hungarian programs

The focus country of this year is Hungary, a country with a rich history. Dive into the archives of Balázs Béla Studio with us and see an exclusive screening with experimental avant-garde shorts from the 60’s and 70’s. Tickets available here. In the program ‘Hungarian Shorts: New Animations’ you see a selection of the best Hungarian animations. Tickets available here. The country is also bursting with new filmtalent. In ‘Hungarian Shorts: Fresh Meat’ you see a selection of shorts made by young filmmakers. Tickets available here. 

Horror Shorts

In the program ‘Horror Shorts’ you see a freakshow of shorts. This program is part of our Late Night programming. The shorts will have you looking over your shoulders when you walk home. Not afraid? Tickets available here.

Go green: Bicycle! Bicycle!

This year’s Go Green program attacks one of the oldest Dutch traditions: cycling. This program is an ode to the bike and shows the diversity of it. Hit the road and go! Tickets available here.