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Read our highlights of 4 April!

Read our highlights of 4 April!

Go Short is going full steam ahead! The second day of the festival is already over. An ode to all moms and dads, fresh animation, new talent from Hungary, innovative films on 35 mm and an interesting combination of short film and story: in short, there was plenty to do! These were the highlights of 4 April.

Baby Cinema

Specially for all moms and dads, we organised the baby cinema. Crying, changing diapers and breastfeeding allowed! Memorable, moving and funny shorts about parenthood made this screening a huge success!

Hungarian Shorts

Thursday was all about Hungarian shorts. In ‘Hungarian Shorts: New Animations’, you could enjoy a new generation of Hungarian animators. Fun fact: that screening was organised in collaboration with Kecskemét Animation Film Festival! ‘Hungarian Shorts: Fresh Meat’ allowed you to delight in the up-and-coming talent of Hungary. Finally, we showed shorts on 35 mm in the exclusive screening ‘Hungarian Shorts: Archive Works of Balázs Béla Studio’.

Great Short Stories

What would happen when you give the loglines of films to writers? In ‘ArtEZ Creative Writing X GS: Great Short Stories’, three short stories were recited by students of Creative Writing. After that, the films were shown to see if the stories matched the shorts.

Photo by Jane Zijlstra