Menu Starting today for four weeks: Go Short Online!
Starting today for four weeks: Go Short Online!

Starting today for four weeks: Go Short Online!

Have you cleaned up your house, raked your garden and hung up your new hobby again? Do not worry and sit back on the couch because Go Short makes staying at home a lot more fun with the brand new on-demand short film festival Go Short Online. With this initiative, Go Short offers a stepping stone to international prizes such as the Oscars and maintains a large part of the films selected for the original festival. So, stay at home, watch shorts and support talent!

The international short film festival that takes place every year in early April in LUX was canceled on March 13, two and a half weeks before the official opening night, following the measures surrounding Covid-19. At high speed, Go Short developed a VOD platform together with Nijmegen partner ThisWayUp and two foreign short film festivals. This is the first version of the new platform. Behind the scenes, we are working hard on new updates for improvements in ease of use. We will also be offering in-depth programs shortly and we are working on an even larger selection of films.

“With Go Short Online, we not only honor a large part of the film selection and curation of 2020, which the organization worked on for a year, but we also maintain the international step for makers to important film prizes such as the Oscars. In addition, we are strengthening our international infrastructure for the distribution of short films and offering the audience a festival experience at home! ” said director Kirsten Ruber.

Online awards

The platform, which will be accessible through May 13, currently offers 155 short films in the original curated programs. The organization is in contact with filmmakers and rightsholders and does not exclude that the offer will be further expanded in the coming weeks. But right now you can watch the extensive European competition that has no fewer than 45 films in 10 separate programs, 4 programs with the best of Dutch soil and 5 programs full of talent from film schools from all over Europe. The professional juries consisting of producer and former Go Short winner Erik Glijnis, director Philbert Aimé Mbabazi and programmers of film festivals in Locarno and Montreal determine who will win the Go Short Awards, including the VEVAM Go Short Award worth € 5,000. The award show will take place on Wednesday, April 29 at 8:00 PM and will be broadcast via Facebook and Instagram.


Experiment and basis for future expansion

In addition to the latest films from all over Europe, you can watch the sparkling retrospective of maker duo Corina Schwingruber Ilić and Nikola Ilić; the black comic programs around focus country Norway; films on the theme of nature and the current Current Issues program online. Go Short labels programs suitable for young people and experiments with tip lists, online Q&A sessions, and panels. “Converting a physical film festival to an online event in just four weeks is an incredible achievement for the entire team and the flexibility of the many creators involved,” continues Ruber. The platform will be further developed in the near future.