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The Shortcut of Rocco Hueting

The Shortcut of Rocco Hueting

Over 300 films in 5 festival days! Where to begin? Take a shortcut and get inspired by the tips of our experts. Rocco Hueting, member of the band De Staat, takes you on his route through Go Short’s Friday.

NL. 2 In a Lonely Place

16.15 / LUX 4

The best short Dutch films of the last year are included in the Dutch programs. I am looking forward to ‘Moustache’ about a Rotterdammer who fights against the gentrification of his neighborhood. Theo Wesselo, known from the former child program Rembo & Rembo plays the main role in this film, so that is going to be fun!


Dutch Music Video Competition

20.30 / LUX 3

Our clip ‘KITTY KITTY ’ is part of the brand new competition for Music Video’s. When you’re a music lover, you should definitely visit this program!


Club Short 

23.00 / MERLEYN

You might want to dance during the Music Video Competition, but unfortunately, that’s not too easy in the movie theatre. Luckily, you cán dance in Merleyn! Visit Club Short and dance the night away!

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