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This was Go Short Arnhem 2022

This was Go Short Arnhem 2022

The coolest short film festival in Arnhem has flown by in the blink of an eye – but oh how we enjoyed every single one of you who came by, the festival atmosphere and elaborate selection of high-quality shorts films. In case you missed us: come by next year. We’ll sum up why by showing you the highlights of Go Short Arnhem 2022 in this article.

Off the Walls

A dark nightsky looms over Arnhem when a Smart car drives up Audrey Hepburn Square, right in front of FOCUS Filmtheater. Two gorgeouslooking drag queens are hanging outside the car, screaming through a megaphone. There’s no way around it: Go Short Arnhem has officially begun now.

Hundreds of people have gathered around the film container in the middle of the square, planted there specifically for Go Short Arnhem. It’s also the place where the first film will be screened. Fashion designer Mirte Engelhard and stylist Annet Veerbeek co-organized the opening event in behalf of Modekwartier. On top of that, they decorated FOCUS Filmtheater with dressed up dolls.

After the first screening, the visitors walk to Rozet, het Provinciehuis, Humanoid and collectie DE.GROEN – STUDIO KONIJNENVOER to watch shorts at the most extraordinary spots.

Gelders Kort Competition

From Thursday until Saturday, visitors attend FOCUS Filmtheater to watch competition films in screening room 2, made by talented filmmakers from Gelderland. The film programs were devided into three separate themes. These are GK1: Jezelf Zijn (Be Yourself), GK2: Hulp Nodig (Help Needed) en GK3: Op Zoek (In Search).

On Sunday afternoon the Gouden Hert Awards were handed out to the winners for best fiction and best non-fiction. Stijn van Gorkum won with his film A Howling dog a Gouden Hert for best fiction and Mirthe Dokter with her film The Leatherback for best non-fiction. Eva Krol received a Special Mention for Meer dan Woorden (More than Words).

Watch the entire selection of films that were screened at Go Short Arnhem here de hele selectie aan films die vertoond zijn tijdens Go Short Arnhem.

Film Programs | Out of Competition

But there’s more than just the competition films. Go Short also shows other short films, such as the best of the Academy Awards. The films in category ‘Animation’ and ‘Fiction’ are shown during Oscar Shorts on Saturday and Sunday.

And what’s Go Short Arnhem without a fashion-themed film program in the fashion capital of the Netherlands? In Feel Fine Fashion on Friday evening, visitors see an engaging film program entirely revolving around fashion.

Lastly, visitors were invited up on the roof of FOCUS Filmtheater whenever they pleased to watch the filmprogram Eeuwig Zomer (Eternal Summer) for free. Here, visitors watch Dutch Go Short classics which each cover the theme of the warmest of months of the year.

Kid flicks, pancakes and animation

In all the fun, the Shorties were definitely not forgotten. In Rozet, kids are invited to create their own flip bookson Saturday. They’re prepared to make their own animation film in an accessible manner. It may be early to say, but the new Stephen Hillenberg may very well be among the kids!

Go Short showcases a film program in FOCUS on Sunday with short films, especially made for kids. After the screening, kiddos are decorating and eating some delicious pancakes.

For the makers

And of course film professionals couldn’t believe their luck at Go Short Arnhem. Guelder filmmakers and professionals from the film industry were given a moment to meet eachother and share their knowledge on Sunday afternoon about the ins and outs in the world of film at the Gelderland Film Meeting. With the central theme being ‘I’ve finished my film. And now?’, Lara van Lookeren kicks off the meeting with a workshop about festival distribution.

Following her workshop, it’s the turn of festival director Kirsten Ruber and film programmer Mathieu Janssen to take the stage. Ruber tells the story about a new project that Go Short helped setting op with Coaching in de Cultuur: an intervison training aimed particularly on filmmakers. Ruber speaks with Huibert van Wijk, one of the participants of this pilot and dives deeper into what intervision meant to him, what it can offer other filmmakers and how the intervision training contributes to strengthening the (regional) short film sector. Janssen and Ruber continue later on with a workshop in which they emphasize the importance of visiting festivals.

After these enlightening workshops, the awards for th Gelders Kort Competition are handed out and to conclude the day, film professionals join a lovely dinner.

Do you want to dive deeper into the subjects discussed during these workshops? Read in-depth articles about it in our Professionals newsfeed.