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We are exposing: Oddstream

We are exposing: Oddstream

Go Short loves short film, but that’s not all. Every year we are searching for interesting collaborations with different (local) parties. We are proud to work together with these three organisations: Oddstream, De Bastei and RUIS.

Because of this year’s Nature theme, we want you to experience this not only inside the cinemas but also in the outdoors! The attentive visitor will see the work of Marco Barotti in and around the pavilion. A five-minute walk brings you to De Bastei, a museum in which the river landscape is central. In art space RUIS, Willem de Haan is exposing his work which you can admire during Go Short. At both De Bastei and RUIS you can watch a nature-oriented short film as a bonus!

Marco Barotti – The Woodpeckers

The work of Marco Barotti is driven by his desire to invent an artistic language where a fictional post-futurist era is expressed through kinetic sound interventions in natural and urban environments. His latest work, curated by Oddstream, is ‘The Woodpeckers’. The Woodpeckers transform the invisible radiations used for mobile communication and wireless technology in real-time into audible and visible drumming patterns. The sonic result is a generative acoustic composition which undergoes constant transformation. A live soundscape which resonates as invading drum ensemble into urban and natural environments. Marco Barotti’s Woodpeckers can be found on and around the Go Short festival.


Oddstream is a platform for art and technology, in the Lindenberg, Nijmegen. Oddstream focuses on the intersection of art and culture with digital technology and shows how artists and designers explore the possibilities and limits of digital technology. In this way, Oddstream hopes to visualise and provide insight into developments in the field of digital technology in relation to a variety of social topics.

Photo: Menno Vermeulen