Menu We present the winners of the coveted Go Short Awards!
We present the winners of the coveted Go Short Awards!

We present the winners of the coveted Go Short Awards!

Tonight the Go Short Awards were presented for the 13th time. The award ceremony took place online and was broadcast from Studio Honig. The awards are an important springboard for the Oscars, Bafta and European Film Awards, among others. The winning films can be viewed on the Go Short Online on-demand platform until 25 April.

Dutch competition

Vincent Tilanus has won the Go Short VEVAM Award worth €5000 with Marlon Brando. Vincent also qualified for the Academy Awards. This film is about the changing friendship between Cas, a gay boy, and Naomi, a lesbian girl. Sebastian Mulder received a special mention from the jury for his film NAYA.

Student competition

The Encouragement Award for Best Student Film worth €1500 was awarded to the film Under Control (Ville Koskinen). A film that gives you the creeps, because it focuses on the insects in a Botanical garden.

European competition

Friend of a Friend has won the award best animation film. Zachary Zezima addresses the complexity of sexual abuse with this film. The personal video diary This day won’t last (Mouaad El Salem) received the award for best documentary film. As a young gay man, he faces the difficult choice to leave the country that is unsafe for him, or to stay close to his family. Dustin (Naïla Guiguet), the winner of the best fiction film, also portrays the struggle to be who you are. Guiguet highlights the complexity of being human and the strong need to be seen for who you really are through the young transgender Dustin. The winners have qualified for the Academy Awards, receive a cash prize of €1500 and a DCP mastering service from partner Green DCP.

European Film Awards 

Every year Go Short selects a candidate for the European Film Awards. This year, that nomination went to Katharina Huber’s animation film The Natural Death of a Mouse. The film delves into the problem of determining and following your ethical compass. What if consciousness is disconnected from our physical existence and takes us into a void where we become helpless, unable to respond to the world around us?