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What you can’t miss on Saturday!

What you can’t miss on Saturday!

Today is the day of the 48 hour films, feature films and a sensual Late Night program. And dance your feet off during the Go Go Silent Disco! Read our tips for Saturday 6 April.

48 Hour Film Project

Is it possible to make a short in 48 hour? A few accepted the challenge and created a short film in two days. You can expect a variety of genre. And if you pay attention, you’ll find something recurring in each film!

The 48 hour films are screened in four programs, tickets available here.

Not So Short

Vikter van der Valk directed ‘Nocturne’, a film that’s partly recorded in Nijmegen. His short ‘Onno the Obliviouswas selected for our Student Competition in 2015. ‘Take Me Somewhere Nice’ tells the story of Alma, who travels from the Netherlands to Bosnia to meet her father for the first time. Ena Sendijarević won awards during Go Short  2014 and 2017. Tickets for ‘Nocturne’ here, and for ‘Take Me Somewhere Nice’ here.

VR.4 Body Language

This program is part of our VR competition.

Always wanted to be on stage, but struggling with stage fright? No problem! In ‘Half Life VR’ you will experience what it’s like to be part of the dancers of the Royal Swedish Ballet. In twelve minutes you van see the smallest details, the seams of the costumes and the most subtle expressions of the dancers.

In ‘Accused No. 2: Walter Sisulu’ you will be taken to court, where Walter Sisuli is questioned. Sisulu was an anti-apartheidsactivist and leader of the African National Congress. Ten members of the ANC stood trial in 1963 en 1964 in Sout-Africa during the Riviona-process, including Nelson Mandela. This process will eventually lead to the abolition of the apartheid. In this film you experience what it’s like to be in the witness stand.

This program will start at 12.15, 16.00 and 22.15. Buy your tickets here.

PopPorn: The Art of Sex and Nakedness

Secret desires, sexual attraction and athletic ecstasy. Erotic fantasies and vibrating beats make PopPorn the night of lusty encounters. Get your ticket here!

Go Go Silent Disco

Tonight you’ll dance on the best disco, famous hits and the best urban sounds! Put on your headphone and dance your feet off during the Go Go Silent Disco. Buy your ticket here!