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Winners Go Short Awards 2018

Winners Go Short Awards 2018

This weekend we presented the winners of the Go Short Awards 2018 and the Audience Award. It was really hard for the jury and the audience to choose between the many many films. And the winners of Go Short 2018 are:

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Fiction Film
Strange Says the Angel
Shalimar Preuss / France / 2017 / 18′
Jury: “There were strong contenders in this category but we chose the wonderful ‘Strange Says The Angel’ by Shalimar Preuss for its elegant and profound storytelling, edged with mysterious yet gentle danger, rooted in the rich layers of family life. At its core, a girl child listening intently as adult life unfolds around her, and a strong charismatic woman; both making their place in the world. This film displays all the magic and power of the Short film.”

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Documentary
Anthony, The Invisible One
Maya Kosa en Sergio da Costa / The Netherlands / Switzerland, Portugal / 2017 / 17’
Jury: “The recipient of this year’s documentary award reminded us that although we were using our eyes to watch these films, the main tools we were using to truly see and feel them were our minds and hearts. This film’s depiction of blind museum patrons discovering the emotional value of a painting of St. Anthony moved and charmed us deeply, bringing to mind the fact that just one painting has the ability to express much more about the complexities and beauty of life than can be seen with the naked eye.”

NTR Go Short Award for Best European Short Art Film
Orogenesis Boris Labbé / France / 2016 / 8′
Jury: “A film that needs and utilises the big screen to come alive. A highly technical photo collage that beautifully floats between a macro and micro universe that could both display a microscopic wave as well as the birth of mountains. The jury was impressed by its meticulous sounddesign that follows the boogie of glitching textures closely and stylishly guides the viewer in possible interpretations of a non narrative and often abstract image.”

NTR Go Short Awards for Best European Short Animation Film
Coyote Lorenz Wunderle / Switzerland / 2018 / 10′
Jury: “We were drawn to this film’s outrageous premise and unapologetically absurd style. The concepts on display were unique in every way and lingered long after the initial viewing. With affectionately crafted design and a thought provoking narrative, this film was a high energy non-stop stream of entertainment.”

Special Mention
JUCK (THRUST) Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert en Ulrika Bandeira / Sweden / 2017 / 17′
Jury: “We would like to give a shoutout/special mention to Juck, because it deals with an important issue that we simply can’t neglect in this present era. The dancers of Juck are conveying a message that should not only be seen by women, but also by men, since it makes a statement about how we shape our identities.”

VEVAM Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film
LISTEN (LUISTER) Astrid Bussink / The Netherlands / 2017 / 15’
Jury: “The filmmaker provides a portal to remind us of the impact our behavior and decisions have on our children by shining a light on a phone service. Although we do not see the subjects on screen, the filmmaker successfully creates the individual personalities through a colorful collage that is as honest and heartwarming as the voices portrayed in the film.”

Special Mention
Word! Amos Mulder / Netherlands / 2017 / 7′
Jury: “We would like to award a Special Jury Recognition to Word! for a distinctive and singular artist that challenges narrative through a visual exploration in the absence of words.”

Encouragement Award for Best Student Short Film
Sog Jonatan Schwenk / Germany / 2017 / 10′
Jury: “A global story that addresses the social consequence for having the bravery to protect the harmless. This film manages to address themes about our current social, political and environmental issues told in a thoughtful, heartwarming and disturbingly humorous way.”

MovieZone Award/Nijmegen Youth Award
Wild Horses Rory Alexander Stewart / United Kingdom / 2017 / 26’
Jury: The winning film stood out from the rest of the shorts, in terms of sound, image and acting. Because of the detailed sound design and the compelling music, we were literally taken along with the emotions and thoughts of the main character. The aspect ratio reinforced the atmosphere and humour, because we certainly laughed watching this film. The first shot, which was animated, immediately drew our attention, because it was a very weird image. This absurd tone was continued through the rest of the film. The acting was strong, from the main characters as well as the supporting roles. In combination with the costumes, this created a realistic image. At the same time, we were misled a surprising amount of times. As spectators, we did not know whether we were in a dream world or in reality. Because of this we watched the film more closely. In conclusion: the winning film has a commonplace story about an ill girl with a dream. However, the story was implemented originally and artistically, all in 26 minutes.”