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Winners Go Short Awards announced

Winners Go Short Awards announced

During the eleventh edition of Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen on Saturday evening 6 April, the awards for the best short films in Europe were awarded. Two international juries chose the winners of the European Competition, the Dutch Competition and the Student Competition. The audience chose the winner of Best VR Film. The winner of the general audience award will be announced on Sunday 7 April.

In the European Competition Fuck You by director Anette Sidor won the award for Best Fiction Film. Love 404 by Agata Baumgart won the award for Best Documentary. The award for Best Animation went to Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz. The jury presented the award for Best European Art Film to the Portuguese Jorge Jácome for his film Past Perfect.

The Encouragement Award for Best Student Film went to The Dam by Natalia Konarz.

Crow’s Nest (Kraaiennest) by Flynn von Kleist won the award for Best Dutch Short Film. The jury had a special mention for the film The Walking Fish by Thessa Meijer. Go Short nominated the film Hard On by Joanna Rytel for the European Film Awards.

On April 5, the award for Best Dutch Music Video was awarded to PYNK, directed by Emma Westenberg and starring the American artist Janelle Monáe. The award for Best International Music Video went to Queens by The Blaze on 5 April, made by Jonathan and Guillaume Alric.

Mind My Mind by Floor Adams won the Go Short Audience Award on Sunday. The film is also nominated for the European Short Film Audience Award.

European Competition:

Go Short Award for Best European Short Fiction Film (€1.000,- + DCP mastering)

Fuck You Anette Sidor / Sweden / 2018 / 15′
Jury: “This filmmaker pushes boundaries and has created a thought-provoking and timely film that we were all affected by. With its complex and powerful female lead, this strong narrative challenges gender norms and expectations by exploring sexuality and power in a positive and accepting way.’’

Go Short Award for Best European Short Documentary (€1.000,- + DCP mastering)

Love 404 Agata Baumgart / Poland / 2018 / 17’ 

Jury: ‘’The winning documentary film is an intimate portrait about the need to connect to others, and shows our two protagonists attempting to reach out through the online world. We recognize ourselves in this universal desire to fit in somewhere, perhaps even just with someone by finding love. Both of these characters mirror each other’s circumstance. They are socially, economically, digitally and emotionally dependent on one another. Still the filmmaker manages to make us feel the characters’ resilience and female power.’’

Go Short Award for Best European Short Art Film (€1.000,- + DCP mastering)

Past Perfect Jorge Jácome / Portugal / 2019 / 24’
Jury: ‘’The winning film in the Art/Experimental category is well written, with humor and elements of surprise. A clever use of the Socratic dialogue through which the audience is being guided but still directly engaging with the narrative. Next to nostalgia, through the past lens, the film comments on present society, seeing history through rose-colored glasses. With a provocative play on expectations, the filmmaker manages to reduce the image layer to give room for the narrative to come to life. An original structure with no audible dialogue and a creative use of the text element, and the title itself. Very poetic and sensorial. We present the Art/Experimental award to Past Perfect, directed by Jorge Jácome.’’

Go Short Award for Best European Short Animation Film (€1.000,- + DCP mastering)

Bloeistraat 11 Nienke Deutz / The Netherlands, Belgium / 2018 / 10′

Jury: ‘’We are awarding a film which observes the coming of age of a girl in a way that we have never seen before. The house where the protagonist lives in stays the same, while everything around her changes constantly: her brother’s music taste, her body, the relation to her best friend. The beautiful imagery and its aesthetics melt together with the sensitive narrative in a perfect way. By using translucent material for the characters, the creator succeeded in expressing their vulnerability and sensitiveness and not the objectification of the body. We give the animation award to Bloeistraat 11 by Nienke Deutz.’’

Special Mention

The Glorious Acceptance of Nicholas Chauvin Benjamin Crotty / France/ 2018 / 27′

Jury: ‘’Before leaving the fictional category, as a jury we could not help but mention a film about a stereotyped historical character trying to claim its complexity, as it defies the boundaries of time and space. By looking the audience directly in the eye, this film experiments with storytelling, leading us on a journey through castles and Daft Punk, archetypes and Oedipus complex. It struck us for its freedom, inventiveness, and sense of humor.’’

Student Competition

Encouragement Award for Best Student Short Film (€1500,-)

The Dam Natalia Konarz / Poland / 2018 / 23′
Jury: “Natalia Koniarz succeeded to let us witness the reconnection between a father and son on such an intimate and personal level that we were truly moved. We felt like there was no distance between us and them at all. An outstanding achievement of the filmmakers.’’

Dutch Competition:

VEVAM Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film (€2.500,-)

Crow’s Nest (Kraaiennest) Flynn von Kleist / The Netherlands / 2018 / 13’

Jury: “We were very touched by the performances of lead actors Romana Vrede and Yfendo van Praag. Crow’s Nest is notable for its clear and sensitive storytelling and impressive cinematography. A must-see for everyone.’’

Special Mention

The Walking Fish Thessa Meijer / The Netherlands, Japan / 2018 / 19’

Jury: ” A modern and timeless fairytale where the filmmakers connected man and nature in a tragicomic way.’’

VR Competition

Opinions Alyssia Frankland, Kenneth Henderson / United Kingdom / 2017 / 7’

Nomination for European Film Awards

Hard On Joanna Rytel / Sweden / 2019 / 20’

Jury: ‘’The style of this film is an inventive blend of all the categories mentioned before. By using a female gaze, this sometimes unconventional perspective succeeds in create cutting-edge characters that celebrate sexuality and challenge traditional parenting structures. Meanwhile, the female protagonist is explicitly sexual and childlike, even playful. This non-judgmental depiction leaves the audience with questions, stirred feelings and even physical sensations. This filmmaker couldn’t have been male – at least not yet. We need more light, funny and uncanny approaches like this in our serious world today.’’

Dutch Music Video Competition

Pynk Emma Westenberg / United Kingdom, The Netherlands / 2018 / 5’

International Music Video Competition

Queens Jonathan Alric, Guillaume Alric / France / 2018 / 4’

Audience Award

Mind My Mind / Floor Adams / The Netherlands / 2019 / 30′

Photo by Mario Ruiz