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How does Go Short Online work?

Go Short Online offered a wide range of the original program of its 12th festival edition. The online festival took place from 15 April – 13 May 2020. In order to see the program, you had to pay a one-off contribution of €10 which gave you access to all the films until the end of the period. But how did it work? Via these steps, you were sure to watch our best films in no time! 


  • First, you go to Go Short Online. This is the platform where you will enjoy our online festival.
  • Fill in your email address to access Go Short Online.
  • If you haven’t registered yet, you will receive an email via which you will proceed to the registration form.
  • Fill in the form and pay via one of the payment methods.
  • Yes, you are now registered and have an account for Go Short Online!
  • Log in via the button ‘sign in’ at the top right of your screen.

Do you already have an account? Then you can log in via the button ‘sign in’ at the top right of your screen.

Watching films

Our films are united in different screenings. Select the screening of your choice and start by clicking ‘Play’. The films in a screening will follow each other automatically.

If you have a question, please consult our FAQ. If your question isn’t listed there, you can contact us via

You can read terms and conditions for Go Short Online here.